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New blush & highlighter Glow 2 Go Clarins


New blush & highlighter Glow 2 Go Clarins
New blush & highlighter Glow 2 Go Clarins

Clarins Glow 2 Gow, the secret to a face dazzling with freshness

Since its creation in 1954, the Clarins brand has competed in inventiveness to sublimate your skin and make it more dazzling every day. Of course, this requires a wide assortment of treatments that are constantly improving year after year. Yes, but not only… Clarins also manufactures many make-up products which are renewed according to trends and your needs. Today, the emphasis is on the freshness of your face and its vitality. Clarins Glow 2 Gow is a small makeup stick that illuminates your cheekbones while giving them a vibrant color. Everyone will now believe that you have just had a day in the great outdoors!

The little stick of the Glow 2 Gow

The Clarins Glow 2 Gow comes in the form of a stick that you just need to twist to use. Easy to slip into any handbag, this one can follow you everywhere, promising you small, easy and practical makeup touch-ups during the day. The Glow 2 Gow has the specificity of having two different tips. One of them is a highlighter, the other is a blush. Clarins Glow 2 Gow has the texture of a bar of soap and metamorphoses on contact with the skin into a creamy and light powder. Very comfortable, it does not create any sticky sensation and leaves its pretty color radiating light on your skin.

Clarins Glow 2 Gow Highlighter

Glow 2 Go Clarins 02 Golden Peach
Glow 2 Go Clarins 02 Golden Peach

Clarins Glow 2 Gow has a very light color which is an illuminator. Also called a highlighter, it is a very popular beauty product today. The Glow 2 Gow illuminator captures the surrounding light and deposits it on your cheeks. It is a concentrate of radiance and draws iridescent reflections on your cheekbones. Like any self-respecting illuminator, it is deposited on the most rounded part of your cheekbones and gives more relief to your face. It allows for a strobing technique, a visual makeup effect widely used by professional makeup artists.

The blush contained in Glow 2 Gow

On the other side, the Glow 2 Gow contains a blush. The latter brings color to your face and complements the use of a simple foundation. Indeed, the blush is essential not to have too uniform skin. By applying only foundation, the face has a severe tendency to lack relief. The blush is used to give a brighter and fresher touch to your skin. Likewise, he hollows out the cheeks. To do this, simply apply it just under the highlighter, in the hollow of your cheekbones. Optical effect guaranteed!

The Glow 2 Gow is available in two different colors. Glowy Pink is more suitable for lighter skin tones and plays in a more rosy register. Golden Peach, on the other hand, has orange highlights and gives your skin a more solar radiance.

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