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New Blackhead Solutions Cleaner


New Blackhead Solutions Cleaner
New Blackhead Solutions Cleaner

Purify your skin and get rid of blackheads with Clinique’s Blackhead Solutions

The Clinique house is renowned throughout the world for its large catalog of cosmetic products, but also for its care, always perfectly adapted to the most sensitive skins. A true benchmark in terms of facial protection, Clinique develops high quality dermatological care that preserves the skin and makes it more beautiful day after day. This time, the brand has chosen to focus on cleaning your face, by developing an exfoliating and purifying product, ideal for combating the appearance of blackheads. Focus on Clinique’s Blackhead Solutions .

Why should you cleanse your skin?

Cleansing the skin is absolutely essential to preserve all its beauty. Indeed, whether you wear makeup or not, the face tends to get dirty. In the morning, cleansing helps rid it of excess perspiration, sebum and dead cells accumulated during the night. In the evening, cleaning also removes polluting particles, makeup or all kinds of dirt that clung to its surface during the day. Without proper cleaning, your skin tends to suffocate and breathe less well. It no longer regenerates properly. Little by little, it loses its flexibility, tarnishes, ages prematurely and lets appear small unsightly pimples.

What is a black point?

Blackheads are formed when cleaning the face is not enough. Indeed, it is important to regularly exfoliate your skin to offer it deep purification. Blackheads result from excess sebum and disruption of the sebaceous glands. When the pores of the skin are dilated, they become cluttered with a whole lot of things: dead skin, sebum, perspiration,… In contact with the air, all these elements oxidize and so it is. that black dots appear.

The triple action of Clinique’s Blackhead Solutions

Clinique’s Blackhead Solutions provide deep cleansing to your skin. For this, it combines three actions: not only a powerful cleanser, a scrub but also a mask. It removes impurities gently but effectively. At the same time, it controls excess sebum and tightens the pores of the skin. In other words, it deals with the problem at the source and in all its aspects. Day after day, it makes the face look sharper. After six weeks of use, it removes 94% of blackheads.

Using Blackhead Solutions well

Clinique’s Blackhead Solutions can be used in two different ways:
– As a daily cleanser, you just need to take a small amount and massage your face with it, as if you were performing a classic exfoliation.
– As a mask once or twice a week. In this case, cover your entire face with a thin layer of the product, and let it act for about five minutes before rinsing it off.

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