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New Balade Sauvage fragrance from Dior


New Balade Sauvage fragrance from Dior
New Balade Sauvage fragrance from Dior

The maritime breath of the Balade Sauvage by Dior

“Rare raw materials, daring olfactory biases, a limitless creation. This collection is the reflection of a freedom that only true luxury can allow. A beautiful recreation of the Perfumer. These are the words of François Demachy, official perfumer of Dior, to describe his collection of perfumes. Inspired by Dior’s unique heritage, the Private Collection brings together many essences reflecting Dior’s know-how . Today, this assortment is enriched by a newcomer named Balade Sauvage.

The Private Collection by François Demachy

François Demachy chooses and selects himself the raw materials he wishes to use within this assortment. He travels the world in search of exceptional ingredients, and draws his inventiveness from them. Balade Sauvage is the work of his artistic daring. Its short and refined formula goes straight to the point and gives us the best of nature. The result is a noble fragrance presented in an emblematic cylindrical bottle identical for the entire range.

Balade Sauvage, a scented walk by the sea

Balade Sauvage by Dior is like a moment of calm, a promenade by the sea, under a dazzling sun. Moreover, a maritime scent is incorporated in its recipe. Likewise, Balade Sauvage has a mineral breath. In this sense, it is a juice similar to a wave crashing on the rocks. Fruity and floral flavors also enrich its flavor. Citrus fruits and an ozonic note make it fresher. Balade Sauvage seems to have within it the invigorating breath of an oceanic coast. This is a unisex fragrance suitable for both men and women.

Of course, this perfume has nothing to do with the masculine fragrance Sauvage by Dior .

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