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New at Dior: Poison Girl Body Lotion


New at Dior: Poison Girl Body Lotion
New at Dior: Poison Girl Body Lotion

Dior’s Poison Girl fragrance returns as an Iridescent Body Lotion

Poison is one of the most famous perfumes from the house of Dior. Since its creation in 1985, it has never ceased to fascinate women. A sort of elixir of temptation and sensuality, it has become a great classic in perfumery. Nevertheless, to address a new generation of women, the house of Dior decided, in 2015, to develop a new version: Poison Girl . Today, to dress your body from head to toe with its floral and gourmet scent, this juice is available in the form of an Iridescent Body Lotion. Thus, the smell of your favorite perfume will never leave you and will even serve to sublimate the radiance of your skin.

Poison Girl, the scent of a scandalously irresistible woman

Of course, the new Iridescent Body Lotion follows exactly the same philosophy as the fragrance of the same name. It is addressed to a feminine and extravagant woman. With him, scandal is part of everyday life and provocation is in order. Poison Girl Iridescent Body Lotion is a unique signature treatment, full of daring and insolence. It advocates freedom and displays an uncompromising scent trail. Poison Girl Iridescent Body Lotion is round, floral and devilishly seductive. It only amplifies the pleasure of the perfume of the same name.

The scented breath of Iridescent Poison Girl Body Lotion

Of course, the Iridescent Poison Girl Body Lotion contains the same scent as the eponymous perfume. It is a digest of gluttony without falling into the excess of sweets. It is a floral and elegant fragrance that avoids the overbearing of sentimentality. This bold composition begins with a fruity and tangy flavor of bitter orange. Its freshness is softened by the presence of tonka bean from Venezuela. Its slight vanilla bitterness coats this composition and opens the way to a more rounded and charming heart. Poison Girl Iridescent Body Lotion contains in particular balsam notes of Tolu associated with a very feminine flavor of Damascus rose. Finally, its sensuality finally resurfaces with a more woody and milky base of Sri Lankan sandalwood.

The benefits of a Dior Body Lotion in addition

In addition to its irresistible scent, Iridescent Poison Girl Body Lotion also benefits from all of Dior ‘s beauty expertise . Thus, his ambition is clearly to take care of your skin continuously. Its 200 ml bottle contains a moisturizing milk infused with the scent of Poison Girl fragrance. This unusual product moisturizes the epidermis and thus prevents the appearance of visible signs of aging on the skin. It preserves its shine while creating a subtle, light-reflecting shimmer effect. Its fresh and light texture is a real joy every day. With Poison Girl Iridescent Body Lotion, your skin will be immediately more supple while being scented.

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