New Anti-Pollution SPF30 Ultradéfense Annayake


New Anti-Pollution SPF30 Ultradéfense Annayake
New Anti-Pollution SPF30 Ultradéfense Annayake

Annayake Ultra Defense Anti-Pollution SPF30 Care, a real shield against the environment

Over the decades, the Annayake house has built a worldwide reputation for itself. Its cosmetic treatments very often use natural raw materials and demonstrate permanent innovation. They have been able to adapt to our needs and our daily environment. As such, we operate in an increasingly polluted climate, which is particularly harmful for our skin. To help it preserve itself as long as possible, Annayake has therefore set up the Anti-Pollution Care SPF30 Ultradéfense.

The effects of your environment on your skin

The skin is an organ that is continuously exposed to our environment. However, UV rays and pollution are two major elements that permanently attack it. Under the action of free radicals, they tend to oxidize the epidermis and slow down the metabolism of your skin surface . Pollution particles sometimes cause irritation and allergies. Ozone, on the other hand, causes irritation. All these elements make the face duller and accelerate skin aging. If each skin reacts differently, know that all have in common to suffer the full force of the evolution of our way of life.

The benefits of Anti-Pollution SPF30 Ultradéfense

The SPF30 Ultradéfense Anti-Pollution Care acts as a real protective shield. First of all, it contains sun protection with an SPF30 index that filters out UV rays. At the same time, it limits the contact of the epidermis with polluting particles and free radicals. By doing so, it preserves your skin from its harmful environment every day and keeps its youth and radiance intact for as long as possible. For visible results, we recommend that you apply the Anti-Pollution Care SPF30 Ultradéfense every morning, on previously cleansed skin, just before your make-up and after your usual day cream.

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