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Memory of an Odor, the new Gucci Unisex perfume


Memory of a scent, the new Gucci Unisex perfume
Memory of a scent, the new Gucci Unisex perfume

Memory of an Odor, an essence out of time and genres signed Gucci

Gucci is renowned for its limitless creativity, strongly pulled up by new brand designer Alessandro Michele. However, as a further demonstration of its eccentricity, Gucci has just announced the launch of its new perfume… Its essence was revealed to the general public at a party organized in Rome, on the sidelines of the Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show. A bit Italian, this new juice is called Mémoire d’une odeur and is meant to be totally timeless, timeless and beyond the sexes. “Regardless of age or gender,” explains Harris Styles, muse of the fragrance, “this scent can be worn by anyone. […] Even though I couldn’t say exactly what scent it has, it reminds me of a nuanced mix of chamomile, jasmine and warm notes. But everyone will find their own fragrance there.

Chamomile, an unexpected but central element of Gucci’s perfume

To create the Mémoire d’une Odeur perfume , Gucci focused on a surprising ingredient: chamomile. If everyone knows it, its scent is used very little in perfumery. Almost no perfumer dares to use this flower with its unusual olfactory signature. Chamomile shows itself here carnal and charismatic, floral and luminous. In a seductive register, it is associated, in its heart, with an animal musk. Then, the jasmine deploys its elegance. Little by little, Mémoire d’une Odeur is immersed in a more woody and suave base combining cedar, sandalwood and vanilla.

The antique bottle of Memories of an Odor

Memory of a Smell Pub
Memory of a Smell Pub

For its bottle, here again, Gucci has opted for a timeless allure. Its emerald green color looks straight out of the 50s. Its various golden details give it a more bling-bling spirit, while its cap looks like a vintage stereo system button. The cylindrical shape of this bottle is as if directly inspired by an antique column. Simple and sophisticated, Mémoire d’une Odeur is intriguing and has something to appeal to all generations. Mémoire d’une Odeur is “a fragrance that explores the power of memories, bringing them back to the past to bring them to life again”. And it is precisely this spirit that emerges from its visual.

Harris Styles, new Gucci muse

The advertisement for Mémoire d’une Odeur features a happy tribe, including one of the most popular celebrities of the moment: Harry Styles, British actor and singer. Directed by Glen Luchford, it evolves here in an advertisement imbued with a certain nostalgia. Everything is shot around the castle e Montecalvello, a medieval place located not far from Rome. “The guiding thread of the campaign is freedom; the idea of ​​non-age, non-place, asocial, explains Alessandro Michele. I imagined a world that was the fresco of a “mythological” life where the family is a private community with its own social framework where there is total freedom of expression and where the roles of people and things are not defined. . I imagined the memory of an authentic memory ”.

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