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Luna Rossa perfume, sport seen by Prada


Luna Rossa perfume, sport seen by Prada
Luna Rossa perfume, sport seen by Prada

Before being a perfume, Luna Rossa is also the name of the high-tech catamaran with which Prada entered the America’s Cup in 2013 from San Francisco. Logically, you can imagine that this niche fragrance is therefore strongly inspired by it. Thus, Luna Rossa evokes the pursuit of excellence and also refers to the victory of one of her yachts in the America’s Cup in 2000. This perfume aims in particular to evoke the strength and freshness of natural elements. . It is in a way the chic sport seen by the Prada house.

Prada and its competitive spirit

Like the boat that gave it its name, Prada’s latest masculine scent is looking forward to becoming a champion in the sports fragrance category. Indeed, Luna Rosa proudly assumes her commercial ambitions and her desire to challenge other fragrances in the same category. Thus, this bottle is adorned with a red line that we all recognize as a sign of victory. In this case, it is the red ribbon of the sports line that everyone knows. However, Luna Rossa embodies the athlete’s mind rather than his physical appearance. We are much more in terms of surpassing oneself and performance than protruding muscles molded into a nice jersey. Also, to achieve this ambition, three perfumers worked together, while putting themselves in competition so that each one gets the best of himself and offers us a sublime fragrance. We find Daniela Andrier, who has already signed the very beautiful Infusion d’Iris andCandy for the brand, assisted by two colleagues. They give us all the soul of sport without neglecting the embodiment of chic according to Prada.

Luna Rossa and her lavender explosion

Initially, Daniela Andrier had in mind a lavender that she intended to rework and reinterpret. So she worked on an essay but was not particularly convinced. She knew that the latter would not pass the marketing and commercial tests, the very ones that govern current perfumery… Also, three weeks before the deadline, she started all over again to create a fragrance worthy of Prada’s chic . She then began a race against the clock and began to smell all the essences most appreciated by men in order to identify what they loved so much about them. It was then that she knew she had to play on freshness. She therefore treated lavender but from a different angle… And success was there!

Her recipe was as follows: For Luna Rossa, she worked a lavender of exceptional quality and combined it with the essence of bitter orange, carried by an aromatic heart of sage and Nanah mint. As for the trail, it combines ambrette absolute and the synthetic molecule Ambroxan. The fragrance is both reassuring and demanding. She does not rush the senses but takes men into her world. Daniela Andrier also confesses that “it is the empathy that we feel for a universe that allows us to transcribe it into notes. To be a perfumer is to smell the other. Literally. It is therefore very pleasant to see that, despite Prada’s honestly admitted commercial requirements, the brand manages to provide us with a high quality gasoline that knows how to stand out.

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