Luna Blossom, a delicate caress of flowers


Luna Blossom, a delicate caress of flowers
Luna Blossom, a delicate caress of flowers

The history of the Nina Ricci brand begins with that of Maria Adélaïde Nielli. Born at the end of the 19th century in Italy, Maria Adélaïde is nicknamed “Nina”. Married to Luigi Ricci, Nina Ricci opened her first boutique, rue des Capucines, in Paris in 1932. Her Collections are feminine, light and romantic. The brand launched into the world of perfumery in 1946 with “Coeur Joie”. After great olfactory successes, Nina Ricci still manages to surprise us, creating an event with “Luna Blossom”. Scheduled for early 2017, “  Luna Blossom  ” has been designed for the Asian market.

Luna Blossom, a new apple for the “Les Belles de Nina” collection

When Nina Ricci died, her son Robert paid homage to her by inventing the perfume “Nina” and thus created the start of a long adventure. As for the first apple-shaped bottle, it dates from 1952 with “Fille D’Ève”. This bottle will quickly become the brand’s DNA, like a second skin. “Luna Blossom” will therefore be no exception to the rule. Presented as Nina’s little sister, “Luna Blossom” is part of the “Les Belles de Nina” collection. “Luna Blossom” is a scent that combines Nina and Luna. As for “Blossom”, it is an English first name. The “Blossom” are young girls who are open, communicative, but endowed with great sensitivity. They are above all emotional people. Beside that, “Blossom” is also a common English name, derived from “Bloom” which means to bloom.

The floral-fruity notes of Luna Blossom

Luna therefore wants to be Nina’s little sister, this particularly romantic modern-day princess. As for Luna, she is defined as being more sassy, ​​wilder. “Luna Blossom”, a fragrance reserved for the Asian market, is a floral and fruity fragrance with great touches of sweetness. “Luna Blossom” begins with the lively freshness of bergamot, judiciously associated with Nashi pear. The “Nashi” is a small Japanese pear considered as a super fruit with exceptional virtues. The heart of “Luna Blossom” is extremely floral, as it is composed of peonies, jasmine and magnolias. Cedarwood and musk in the background envelop the composition with grace and sensual softness. The apple-shaped bottle stays true to Nina. This time the apple is bright and sparkling purple,

Aimed at the Asian market, “Luna Blossom” is Nina Ricci’s brand new 2017 opus. If Luna always echoes Nina, “Luna Blossom” will however be sweeter thanks to a huge floral bouquet. Sparkling and overwhelming, the new Luna is simply dazzling.

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