Legend Night, new successor to the iconic Montblanc perfume


Legend Night, new successor to the iconic Montblanc perfume
Legend Night, new successor to the iconic Montblanc perfume

The Montblanc brand quickly gained recognition around the world as a brand synonymous with prestige and quality. His know-how was first illustrated through writing instruments. Then, the brand was gradually renewed, revealing its language in other universes like perfumes for men. In 2011, Montblanc thus made a juice called Legend. Placing elegance at the center of everything, this essence is synonymous with a natural and assertive virility. It is intended for men who are not afraid to create their own legend. The idea is seductive and success was immediately apparent. Thus, Montblanc has once again decided to reinterpret its bestseller . Montblanc presents its brand niche fragrance: Legend Night.

Legend Night, a juice designed by Olivier Pescheux and Antoine Maisondieu

To make the Legend Night perfume, the Montblanc house has surrounded itself with two talented perfumers. On the one hand, note that Legend Night is signed by Olivier Pescheux. He is also the perfumer who worked on the making of the very first Legend fragrance. He has therefore tried here to offer us a different version of his creation. Nevertheless, we find in this new perfume its exotic touch and endowed with a strong temperament. Indeed, Olivier Pescheux is a creator who loves distinct and determined perfumes, at the same time containing an element of exoticism. This time he was accompanied by Antoine Maisondieu, another big name in current perfumery. Coming from a family of perfumers, and grandson of Albert Camus, Antoine Maisondieu is a fervent admirer of art in general. Moreover, he is more exactly passionate about cinema. He is therefore very often inspired by films to give us a very unique vision of the world. It is therefore all this authenticity and this audacity that we find in the new Legend Night.

The contrasting virility of Legend Night

Like its predecessor, Legend Night is a very masculine scent. This presents us with a virility that is both seductive but very nuanced. Thus, Legend Night assembles opposites that everything seems to oppose. However, the result of this juice is an intense harmony. Legend Night begins with an aromatic freshness that is both spicy and striking. This emanates from sage, peppermint, cardamom and bergamot. Legend Night then emanated an absolutely energizing fresh liveliness. Then, the whole is immediately counterbalanced by a much warmer heart. This warms up with cedar wood and lavender. The violet leaf here reinforces all the elegance of this perfume. Its powdery appearance then gives way to a more enveloping, masculine and seductive base. Everything is wrapped in vanilla,

A Montblanc fragrance presented in an elegant bottle

On the aesthetic side, Legend Night takes the visual of its predecessor. Its bottle has the same rounded and robust shape as that of the first Legend. On the other hand, the colors of this one have been slightly modified. Once black and silvery, Legend Night has become warmer. It begins with a copper base and evolves at its top to a more intense and opaque black. Montblanc’s famous star-shaped logo, meanwhile, has been retained, and proudly sits atop this niche fragrance.

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