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Le Lion, Lalique’s original masculine fragrance


Le Lion, Lalique's original masculine fragrance
Le Lion, Lalique’s original masculine fragrance

The Lion is a symbolic perfume of the Lalique house . Indeed, it is the brand’s first male juice. In that sense, it is timeless. It embodies a deep elegance and perfectly combines freshness, chic and comfort.

The Lion, a Lalique mascot

In the 1920s, when Lalique was at the height of its glory, the brand began to create mascots used to adorn the cars of the time. The latter decorated the cars and perched proudly in front of them. Lalique then sculpted a prancing horse, a falcon, an eagle, a dragonfly… In total, 27 animals were born. Today, these objects are extremely rare. Also, it was one of them who inspired the creation of Lalique’s first perfume for men: the Lion. This juice was born in 1998 and is a powerful and captivating essence aimed at conquering men.

Lalique’s powerful masculine juice

The Lion starts with very fresh tones composed of citrus fruits. We find in particular bergamot, tangerine and grapefruit. These three elements are then enhanced by lavender and rosemary. In this sense, this perfume evokes a walk in the heart of the Provençal countryside. Then, its heart races and associates the lightness of iris and jasmine with more sustained and powerful woody notes. Its base, meanwhile, is made of multiple mysterious notes such as amber, patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss, vanilla and musks. Le Lion de Lalique is a contrasting fragrance made from noble raw materials and thus exuding a deep refinement.

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