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Le Lift Repairing Oil, Chanel’s anti-aging secret


Le Lift Repairing Oil, Chanel's anti-aging secret
Le Lift Repairing Oil, Chanel’s anti-aging secret

Wrinkles are kinds of furrows on the surface of the skin caused by folds in the epidermis and dermis. This is a completely natural process. However, we often don’t like them very much and most of us would like to get rid of them. Therefore, prevention is better than cure by using an anti-aging cream as early as possible. In this context where youth seems to be an eternal desire, Chanel has developed an anti-aging cream with multiple virtues: Le Lift Oil Repairing .

The advantages of Le Lift Repairing Oil cream

The Repair Oil Lift is a very comfortable anti-aging treatment that combines the properties of many natural ingredients to give your skin a new radiance.

Its repairing complex offers an unprecedented lifting action that is noticeable from its application and which only increases over time. Le Lift Oil Repairing cream then offers unprecedented comfort and allows the skin to regain all its density. Your face appears smooth and plumped. It is also more comfortable and soft to the touch. Dermatological tests have notably highlighted a gain in firmness of over 31%, smoother skin up to 46% as well as 30% repair of the skin barrier.

These dermatological tests revealed their results after just one month of use. In addition, the skin seems to be much better hydrated and water even seems to engulf the inside of the cells. The latter show a loss of less than 30% of their hydration. In this case, Le Lift Repairing Oil contains an original repairing complex patented by Chanel based on jojoba oil, limnath oil and shea butter extract. Each of these ingredients is completely natural and is specially used for its particular affinities with the skin.

The application of the beauty ritual of Chanel

The Repairing Oil Lift is a cream that is used daily and is to be applied morning and evening to the entire face and neck. Indeed, it is essential not to stop at the oval of the face. The neck is a part of the body that women tend to neglect too often and which marks the signs of the age just as much. Likewise, special care has been developed by Chanel and is specially dedicated to the eye area. So do not hesitate to use it in addition .

The Repair Oil Lift can then be applied with your fingertips using fairly vigorous rotary movements. Start at the bottom of the face then work your way up to the cheekbones and temples before moving towards your forehead. These gestures then have the effect of energizing your skin and your blood circulation. The radiance of your skin will be even more radiant and you may well find the radiance and luminosity of your 20 years!

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