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Le Lift de Chanel Cream


Le Lift de Chanel Cream
Le Lift de Chanel Cream

Le Lift Crème by Chanel, your youth and firmness treatment

Today, women do not necessarily want to look younger but rather seek to exude a pleasant appearance. As Arnaud Aubert, teacher-researcher in neuroscience explains, “for the most part, the challenge is above all to express positive emotions such as joy or energy, in order to maintain a good quality of interaction and social attractiveness. . »Thus, wrinkles are no longer the only concerns of women. The firmness and radiance of their complexion is just as essential. This is why Chanel is perfectly in tune with the times thanks to its complete range of anti-aging products . So, focus on one of the stars of this collection: Le Lift Crème by Chanel.

The actions of Le Lift de Chanel cream

Like every product in the Le Lift skincare range, this cream targets the causes of the formation of signs of aging as soon as they appear, but also acts on already established and marked wrinkles. The Lift Creamprovides the skin with intelligent active ingredients with continuous and tailor-made effectiveness. In reality, your emotions, your lifestyle and your environment are more determining on the reaction of your skin over time, much more than your genetic program. The ambition of Le Lift Crème is to read your story to better reactivate the mechanisms of your youth. To do this, its formula contains an exclusive active developed for Chanel, purer, more powerful, more concentrated but natural, obtained following 12 years of research. This active modulates the production of microRNAs, the cause of skin aging, and regulates their number. Thus, your production of youthful proteins is revived.

Effects proven by Chanel

Clinical tests carried out after one month of using Le Lift cream have observed convincing results: + 17% firmness, + 24% redesigned oval and -20% wrinkle surface. In other words, Le Lift Crème allows the skin to regain all its flexibility, resistance and effectiveness. As the name of this product indicates, the features of your face are as lifted.

The pleasure of applying Le Lift de Chanel cream

Le Lift Crème is a product that is applied daily, in the morning and in the evening, to clean, cleansed skin. It instantly provides rapid smoothing of the entire face and neck. What is more, its texture is very pleasant, at the same time balanced, creamy and delicate.

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