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Le Frenchy, the new timeless fragrance for men from Guerlain


Le Frenchy, the new timeless fragrance for men from Guerlain
Le Frenchy, the new timeless fragrance for men from Guerlain

The Guerlain house is one of the most famous French brands. It seems to be forever linked to our heritage and conveys a prestigious image and extraordinary know-how. If Guerlain has been inspired many times by India to create original and oriental compositions, it is this time to France that the Parisian brand wanted to pay tribute. She presents us with a brand new fragrance for men called Le Frenchy . This is a fresh and aromatic composition that revisits one of Guerlain’s great classics: L’Eau de Vererveine.

Le Frenchy, all Guerlain’s love for verbena

The house of Guerlain has always cultivated a particular love for verbena. It must be said that this ingredient is undoubtedly linked to men’s perfumery. Guerlain had also developed a composition called L’Eau de Verveine, in 1890. At that time, it was an Eau de Cologne signifying all the elegance and masculine luxury of the “Frenchys”. Then, much later, the brand also created Eau de Guerlain, a juice still very inspired by the perfumery of yesteryear but reinterpreted with modernity. Indeed, Guerlain has always cultivated its expertise in Eaux de Cologne and offers them in all kinds of versions, whether they are amber or musky fragrances. Today, Guerlain has therefore decided to repeat the experience. The result is a masculine fragrance timeless, typically French and named as such Le Frenchy.

The fresh and aromatic composition of Frenchy

Of course, Le Frenchy is a work of perfumer Thierry Wasser, exclusive nose of Guerlain . Here, he chose to start his composition with the presence of verbena. For the occasion, it is accompanied by very fresh and zesty citrus fruits. The Frenchy contains in this case bergamot and lemon. This luminous and solar aspect continues in its heart with a duo of neroli and petit grain. To further preserve the authenticity of men’s perfumery, Guerlain has also incorporated one of the most famous ingredients of men’s perfumes into this composition: lavender. Its Mediterranean and aromatic aspect is further enhanced by the presence of sage and citron. Finally, Le Frenchy ends with a more woody and enveloping base of vetiver, tonka bean and ambergris.

Guerlain offers a brand new bottle for its Frenchy

From then on, only one bottle was missing to accompany this new olfactory release. However, Guerlain has decided to offer itself a brand new design. Very masculine, the Frenchy container rests on a solid glass seat, rectangular in shape. Its bottle soars towards the sky with purity. A thick transparent glass cube is surrounded by a red wooden plinth. Thus, the perfume of Guerlain is protected from the outside world, like a precious elixir. Everything in sobriety, it is in the image of the Frenchy: authentic, elegant and timeless.

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