Le Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante, the freshness ally of Clarins


Le Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante, the freshness ally of Clarins
Le Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante, the freshness ally of Clarins

A true best-seller from the house of Clarins, L’Eau Dynamisante was the very first eau de toilette to combine the scenting power and the treating power of plants. Perfectly in line with all Clarins products, Eau Dynamisante was based on the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Thus, this exemplary product could boast of scenting, moisturizing and toning in a single gesture… A real time saver on a daily basis! Also, it seems that Clarins has decided to decline its star product in a new form. This is how Le Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante appeared .

The soothing effect of Gentle Deodorant Eau Dynamisante

The Gentle Deodorant Eau Dynamisante is enriched with candéia wood. It is a small tree from the Brazilian savannah and whose extracts contain more than 95% alpha bisabolol. This ingredient has been known for a very long time in medicine and helps fight inflammation. What is more, it also has cosmetic virtues and allows to soften and soothe the skin. Thus, it is integrated into the heart of the Eau Dynamisante Deodorant for a daily sensation of caress, a real second skin.

The desensitizing effect of Clarins deodorant

Likewise, Clarins Gentle Deodorant Eau Dynamisante contains liquorice. Beyond its smell similar to that of a candy, it is a remedy known to Chinese medicine and recommended against pain and cough. This perennial plant native to the Mediterranean and Asia owes its fame to its sweet and anise flavor as well as to its many active ingredients. Its anti-inflammatory effect here provides a feeling of comfort and helps protect sensitive skin. Thus, the Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante has a guaranteed softening effect.

The stimulating effect of Gentle Deodorant Eau Dynamisante

Finally, Clarins deodorant contains eleutherococcus, a plant from Siberia, otherwise known as “the Russians’ secret plant”. Indeed, it was for a very long time hidden from the general public because of its many powers. Herbal medicine par excellence, it is today known for its anti fatigue and stimulating properties.

In other words, the Doux Deodorant Eau Dynamisante guarantees optimal freshness throughout the day. Delicately scented, it is suitable for all skin types, continuously normalizing the flow of sweat and neutralizing odors from early morning until evening.

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