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Lady Million Empire, the latest Lady Million fragrance


Lady Million Empire, the latest Lady Million fragrance
Lady Million Empire, the latest Lady Million fragrance

Lady Million Empire, new sexy diamond from Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is an extraordinary designer who has always used unexpected materials to design clothes. He made gold one of his main signatures, believing that it was one of the most fascinating products for man, capable of stirring up all lusts. In a somewhat “bling-bling” register, in 2008 he decided to launch a first perfume for men in the shape of an ingot called 1 Million. Two years later, he repeated the experience by offering women a golden diamond: Lady Million . The success was resounding, so much so that this feminine fragrance is constantly reinventing meet all the most beautiful desires of women. With a recognizable snap of his fingers, Paco Rabanne has just given birth to a new variation of his scent. Get ready to welcome the new Lady Million Empire!

Lady Million Empire, the scent of a daring woman

Lady Million Empire bottle
Lady Million Empire bottle

Like all the fragrances in the range, Lady Million Empire is intended for a charismatic and daring woman , not afraid to surprise those around her and ready to do anything to achieve her goals. Lady Million Empire pays tribute to unbridled creativity. The woman who wears it seems to be able to achieve everything with a simple snap of her fingers, while imposing herself with naturalness and humor. With Lady Million Empire, she enjoys life to the fullest and is eternally dissatisfied. Excessive, she constantly runs after her dreams with frenzy and flamboyance. This perfume is a concentrate of fantasies and seduction, in perfect harmony with the rest of the collection.

Paco Rabanne’s bottle is dressed in pink

Case and bottle Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire
Case and bottle Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire

The Lady Million visual remains perfectly identifiable. Paco Rabanne has once again opted for a diamond-shaped bottle, which has become a signature of the collection. Lady Million Empire arises at an angle, on one of its facets. Its spray and metallic cap is both practical and modern. The only difference, and not the least: Lady Million Empire has swapped its eternal golden color for a much more flashy pink. More than ever, the Lady Million Empire woman seems to be bursting with creativity and will stop at nothing to surprise you!

Lady Million Empire, like a breath of drunkenness at Paco Rabanne

In collaboration with Jean-Christophe Hérault and Anne Flipo, Paco Rabanne has just given birth to a feminine, sexy and deliciously insolent fragrance. Lady Million Empirereappropriates the main ingredients of Lady Million, while revealing a new facet of their personality. The orange blossom here becomes more sparkling, animal and fruity, thanks to the addition of neroli and osmanthus essence. The magnolia gives it a bright and fresh appearance, while preserving its original inflections of leather and apricots. This carnal floral is also intoxicated with cognac. The presence of alcohol leaves an indelible mark on the skin, while giving Lady Million Empire a more candied smell. Finally, the patchouli is always present. It is nevertheless stripped of its earthy facets of yesteryear to become purer, while enveloping itself in white musk.

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