Joyeuse Tubéreuse the new fragrance


Joyeuse Tubéreuse the niche fragrance
Joyeuse Tubéreuse the niche fragrance

Joyeuse Tubéreuse, the latest Exclusive fragrance from Guerlain

Barely six months after the release of L’Art et la Matière, Guerlain decided to complete its Exclusifs collection. In addition, the brand has just announced the release of its brand new juice called Joyeuse Tubéreuse . This is presented as an enchanting fragrance, revealing this precious flower in all its facets. Focus on the new fascinating and very elaborate recipe from the house of Guerlain.

The Guerlain Exclusives collection

Les Exclusifs de Guerlain is an assortment of perfumes intended for lovers of perfumery, amateurs of beautiful raw materials, rare perfumes and being in constant search of new products. This collection clearly aims to give thanks to the art of perfumery in all that it has of noblest.

Each of the juices emanating from the Exclusifs de Guerlain is thought of as a work of art. Emotions flourish on all sides and each breath emanating from these juices gives rise to a passion as rare as that of a beautiful encounter capable of arousing the imagination. On the other hand, the Exclusifs collection is only sold in the Guerlain online store as well as in its Parisian stores and its exclusive points of sale. As you will have understood, you will have to make a little effort to get yourself this last jewel of creativity. Nevertheless, nothing is too beautiful to hold in your hands such a prestigious perfume as the very latest Joyeuse Tubéreuse.

The new flavor of Joyeuse Tubéreuse

Joyeuse Tubéreuse is a perfume that was made by the talented Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk. Thierry Wasser is the exclusive nose of the Guerlain house, the first person to hold this position without coming from the Guerlain family line. Delphine Jelk, for her part, had participated in the development of the iconic La Petite Robe Noire perfume by Guerlain and joined Thierry Wasser’s team in 2013. Together, they chose to work around the rare and sensual perfume of tuberose. Joyeuse Tubéreuse thus appears to be a bewitching and hypnotic fragrance, endowed with an unexpected freshness. This juice has vegetal accents similar to those of a freshly picked flower.

Its fragrance opens with green notes before letting its floral heart explode. Joyeuse Tubéreuse combines here sambac jasmine, lily and tuberose. Guerlain delivers a wildly elegant fragrance ending with a more syrupy and full-bodied base, combining the softness of sandalwood, the character of vetiver and the exoticism of vanilla. Likewise, let us note that Joyeuse Tubéreuse is contained in a very elegant bottle.

This one is endowed with clean and contemporary lines. A metal plate decorates its edge as if to give it an appearance similar to that of a precious book. The whole is also sublimated by an elegant wooden cover. Finally, Joyeuse Tubéreuse is delivered to us in an amethyst box with a leather feel that can be transformed into a jewelry box as you wish.

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