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Jean Paul Gaultier – Ultra Male


Jean Paul Gaultier - Ultra Male
Jean Paul Gaultier – Ultra Male

Jean Paul Gaultier revisits his legendary perfume for men Le Male, created in 1995

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Gentlemen, take out your diaries and write down this great event for the start of the 2015 school year. Jean-Paul Gaultier announces his brand new release! No, this is not his last haute couture show but the arrival of his new perfume: L’Ultra-Mâle. More manly and more insolent, in won’t leave you indifferent and fully intends to assert your rebellious and naughty side. Not diametrically opposed to his latest creations, this fragrance is more contrasting and daring more, like mature men who assert themselves a little more year after year. With his niche fragrance, Jean-Paul Gaultier invites you to dare and release your bad-boy side.

Jean-Paul Gaultier launches the most virile of his perfumes

Jean-Paul Gaultier has accustomed us to the very pronounced smell of his perfume “Le Mâle”. Emblematic, it is the symbol of an entire generation and is recognizable among a thousand. Once again, it is the famous Francis Kurkdjian who is at the origin of this niche fragrance. This time, it gains in intensity and asserts itself more. The nose of the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier has changed some notes of the original version to create a more contrasting and spicier fragrance. The ultra-Male explodes on a very pronounced touch of pear, contrasted by a very fresh lemon which brings a sparkling side and a touch of pep. A scent of black lavender follows, as if extracted just when ripe. Its body is very spicy and spreads an odor of cinnamon stimulated by clary sage known for its aphrodisiac properties. At the end, it leaves in its wake the scent of the black flower of the Aztecs accompanied by the sweetness of vanilla, both animal and amber. Finally, as if to be sure that it does not lack character, the whole is reinforced by cedar and patchouli. With his latest launch, Jean-Paul Gaultier asserts his virility and accentuates his olfactory power while sensuality.

The ultra-male swaps his backpack for the leather jacket

Ultra Male The New Fragrance of Jean Paul Gaultier
Ultra Male The New Fragrance of Jean Paul Gaultier

This time, the handsome male of Jean-Paul Gaultier is no longer a simple sailor. It is a rebellious man who has exchanged his backpack for his leather jacket. He now has a swaying gait, a keen eye and a body covered in tattoos. Like this, its emblematic box changes color. It is still the famous metal box but this year, the Ultra-Male mattifies it. Dressed all in black, she asserts her dark side. Its name contrasts with the rest of the packaging and asserts itself in shades of dazzling red. The Ultra-Male is chained to an ink that suggests that his olfactory scent will capture us. The whole still covers the imposing stature of a man cut in V. This rebellious man clearly recalls his predecessors. This is the same Greek statue as in the past, except that it has darkened slightly. After all, we do not change a winning team … This year,

Jean-Paul Gaultier therefore retains his original values ​​but intensifies and modernizes them, for our greatest pleasure.New version of Male more intense, but at the same time delicate. Francis Kurkdijian has chosen to change some notes of the original version for a more contrasting and spicier fragrance than the original. Ultra Male opens with notes of bergamot associated with pear juice, mint, and lavender. The heart is composed of spice, we find accords of cumin and cinnamon, associated with the aromatic power of Clary Sage. The base is composed of vanilla associated with an amber-woody accord.

On the occasion of the release of this new perfume, the timeless bust-shaped bottle is revisited, here it is colored an intense blue and the stripes of the striped sweater are colored black.

Olfactory Family: Hesperides – Aromatic – Spicy

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pear Juice, Mint, Lavender

Heart Notes: Cumin, Cinnamon, Sage

Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Wood

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