J’adore de Dior: A unique box set for an exceptional perfume


An original box for an exceptional perfume, J'adore de Dior
An original box for an exceptional perfume, J’adore de Dior

J’Adore, all the elegance of Dior in a unique box

J’Adore is not a simple perfume . He is a true legend of feminine perfumery. Moreover, for several years, it was classified as the best-selling fragrance in the world. It embodies the vision of the Dior woman and the image we have of French elegance. With him, femininity is at the same time carnal, desirable, passionate and sometimes unreasonable. J’Adore is a perfume that fits perfectly into the continuity of the New Look style instilled by Dior in 1947. It has an extraordinary chic and generosity. Today, he returns to seduce us in an original box .

The emblematic smell of J’Adore perfume

J’Adore is both floral and fruity. It is a compendium of absolute femininity. It takes off on a fresh and zesty start of tangerine bergamot sublimated by the spring freshness of ivy. Then, the rose and the jasmine reinforce its femininity. Violet gives it a more powdery and very elegant side. Orchid and ylang-ylang enrich it with a more exotic facet. Its fruity base contains plum and blackberry. Musk in turn increases its more animal sensuality. The result is a particularly voluptuous fragrance.

The Dior box

To highlight this sumptuous perfume, the Dior house has chosen to use the color white, an absolute guarantee of purity. Its box is also decorated with an enormous golden snowflake on its front face as well as a fabric knot. This pretty package contains two products from the J’Adore range. This is, of course, its 50 ml bottle associated for the occasion with body milk from the collection.

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