Intense eyes with Yves Saint-Laurent False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara


Intense eyes with Yves Saint-Laurent False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara
Intense eyes with Yves Saint-Laurent False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara

Among the many makeup rituals, the beauty of the eyes is undoubtedly one of the most important and worked points. After all, what woman has never dreamed of wearing a doe gaze? Thus, many techniques are used to sublimate this part of the face: placing false eyelashes, application of an illuminator, eye contour underlined with a black pencil line, use of an eyelash curler… Also , many brands are always pushing further research in order to obtain ever more effective products. It is therefore in this context that Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to offer us one of the most effective mascaras on the market: make way for the very famous Mascara Volume Effect False Eyelashes !

Yves Saint-Laurent’s innovative recipe

In order to create a real glowing look, the Yves Saint-Laurent workshops have developed a unique mascara formula. The False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara is equipped with a Triple Film complex. The latter consists, as its name suggests, of three elements. A film covering the nylon microparticles is used to dissociate each eyelash and to flesh them out individually. The conditioning film, meanwhile, helps to arch the lash to give it exceptional curvature. Finally, the fixing film allows the intensity of the chosen shade to last until the moment of make-up removal. Likewise, Yves Saint-Laurent’s False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara is ideally designed to preserve the beauty of the eyelashes day after day. It contains bio-active sugars and provitamin B5. These two ingredients act as a shield against external aggressions and prevent the hair from drying out. No wonder then that this mascara very quickly became a mythical bestseller in the make-up department!

The unique brush of the False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara

What is more, note that if the False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara is so effective, it is also thanks to its brush specially developed by the Yves Saint-Laurent house.This is a real gem of inventiveness. It combines two types of hair. Firm fibers are used to properly deposit the fluid texture of the mascara on the lashes. The softer parts, meanwhile, are used to separate the eyelashes avoiding any clump. Thus, no cardboard effect is to be deplored. If the result is already very convincing in a single pass, know however that Yves Saint-Laurent recommends a triple application for an optimum rendering. The tests then reveal 37% of visibly gained volume. In other words, the False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara is the essential tool for women dreaming of particularly dense eyelash fringes and available in multiple colors. For your information, be aware that Yves Saint-Laurent has notably developed his recipe in bluish, burgundy, khaki, brown or purple tones.

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