Insolence, the daring perfume of Guerlain


Insolence, the daring perfume of Guerlain
Insolence, the daring perfume of Guerlain

Insolence is described as a bold and excessive attitude. In this case, it is even a rather derogatory term. However, Guerlain decided to make a perfume of it in 2006. But then, what can the smell of Insolence look like and above all, why did you make this choice?

The Meaning of Insolence

As you can imagine, Guerlain did not treat the subject of Insolence in a negative tone.. Rather, he imagined Insolence as being a sort of flirtatious style. For Guerlain, it would rather be a character trait symbolizing a woman of ironic elegance, casual grace and also an intrepid smile. In addition, it indicates a woman who is not cold in the eyes but who becomes all the more irresistible. Moreover, it must be recognized that Guerlain has been considered, since its founding in 1828, to be a particularly daring brand. She notably signed many experimental pieces and can boast of having literally changed the perfume sector. Also, it is quite logical that the brand decided to transform its insolence and its freedom of expression into a perfume.

Guerlain and his exploration of the violet

Once again, through the Insolence perfume, Guerlain shows us its daring. Indeed, it is a juice composed mainly of violet. It is here played in overdose. However, it is a flower that does not easily deliver its scent. The perfumer must, in fact, recompose it before putting it in a bottle. If no one had yet dared to work on it with such concentration, it must be admitted that it was done here with extreme brilliance. Insolence is a juice that radiates the world around it with powdery sensuality. In addition, its bottle is just as captivating as its scent. Insolence is contained in a box signed Serge Mansau. It seems in balance and has fun with the light as if to better attract our eyes.

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