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Imperial Orchid Gel Cream


Imperial Orchid Gel Cream
Imperial Orchid Gel Cream

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Gel Cream, the beauty of plants on the skin

The Guerlain house has always devoted a very particular passion to the plant world. This is how she developed a whole range of cosmetics from her own orchid greenhouse. Guerlain cultivates orchids showing exemplary longevity and delivering the best of their extracts with the aim of enhancing feminine beauty. Indeed, these orchids can live to a record age of 24 years while maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance. Guerlain therefore looked into the properties of this flower to get the best out of it and apply it to our skin. This is how the Imperial Orchid Gel Cream was born .

The benefits of the Imperial Orchid Gel Cream

The Imperial Orchid Gel Cream gives an immediate revitalizing effect to the skin. The epidermis instantly displays a unified, brighter and plumped appearance. The pores are tightened and less visible while the skin texture is refined. 100% of women say they appreciate the benefits of this product while dermatological tests have shown a 79% improvement in the beauty of the skin at the end of a day starting with the application of this miracle product. A true feat of technology, the Orchidée Impériale Gel Cream also gives the epidermis a feeling of freshness. Delicate and melting, it instantly fuses with the skin, ensuring immediate comfort. What’s more, besides making your face as sparkling as an orchid petal, the Imperial Orchid Gel Cream intoxicates you with the floral and powdery scent of this flower, a true delight. Likewise, this scent is also enriched with accents of rose, white musk and cedarwood.

Applying Imperial Orchid Gel Cream

The Orchidée Impériale Gel Cream is applied directly to the face, on clean, makeup-free skin, in circular movements. It should then be spread with fingertips from the forehead to the ears, from the corners of the lips to the nose and from the ears to the jaw. Finally, slide the backs of your fingers along the oval of your face. Repeat this massage three times.

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