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I love in Joy


I love in Joy
I love in Joy

J’Adore In Joy, the new luminous breath of Dior

There are perfumes that we never tire of rediscovering as their scented breath arouses emotions. This is particularly the case with the J’Adore perfume by Dior. Born in 1999, it quickly became the number one fragrance in sales of perfumes in the world. Also, as if to perpetuate this myth, the Dior house keeps reinventing it. In this year 2017, J’Adore seems to have won a fine sandy beach cradled by sea salt and the sun. Focus on the brand new J’Adore In Joy.

J’Adore In Joy marine salinity

J’Adore In Joy is a sunny and radiant fragrance that looks like it was inspired by a heavenly beach. This one was developed by François Demachy, the exclusive nose of the Dior house since 2006. In addition, this one has a long career in the world of perfumery. He notably spent nearly 30 years at Chanel. His knowledge of fragrant ingredients is today almost encyclopedic. In this way, François Demachy often dares new and daring recipes. This time, he reveals his creativity to us as soon as J’Adore In Joy has taken off. This fragrance surprises us from its top notes by revealing a breath of sea salt. Then, this aquatic scent, as if rocked by the waves, is quickly relayed by a solar heart containing sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose and neroli. Finally, it all ends with a velvety peach scent. This juicy and greedy fruit leaves behind a sensation as tender as a caress.

The return of the iconic Dior bottle

As always, J’Adore In Joy is presented to us in the iconic amphora of the Dior house. This was created especially for the J’Adore perfume in 1999. This case revives Dior’s New-Look style, revealing an “8” -shaped silhouette. Both clean and carefully drawn, this one has a marked waist topped with accentuated hips. The color of the sun is reflected in its long collar decorated with a multitude of golden rings. A bubble surmounts the whole as if to underline the lightness it contains. Finally, J’Adore In Joy now displays a flesh-colored fragrance reflected in the purity of its glass.

Charlize Theron as the face of J’Adore In Joy

J’Adore In Joy will be played by actress Charlize Theron. Indeed, the latter has just signed a brand new advertising clip for the J’Adore collection. It is revealed in the heart of the elements, symbolizing a woman free to move forward and to blossom. As the actress explains: “What we wanted to do with this campaign, she says, is to show the influence that authenticity and the elements can have on our emotions”. Thus, it is revealed in the center of nature, dressed in an asymmetrical, sculptural and high-cut dress, reminiscent of the elegance of the bottle of the new J’Adore In Joy.

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