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Hugo Boss launches The Scent …


Hugo Boss launches The Scent ...
Hugo Boss launches The Scent …

Because maturity suits you so well!

When we talk about the Hugo Boss brand, we instantly think of unparalleled elegance allied to very refined virility. Also, the brand is just as appreciated for its high quality clothes as for its fragrance. Moreover, the star perfume of the house, the famous Boss Bottled tirelessly retains its place in the top three of world fragrances. Building on this success, the Hugo Boss brand has therefore chosen to launch a new gasoline, even more mature and at least just as classy. This newcomer then bears the name of Boss The Scent .

The Scent, an aphrodisiac juice signed by Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss man has always been a seducer at heart. However, with The Scent, it seems he has calmed down somewhat. He has become more mature and more attentive to his partner. With him, seduction becomes an art which responds to a perfect balance. He orchestrates all the senses in such a way as to push the pleasure of the other to its climax. The game becomes passionate and refined and Boss The Scent is an experience to be renewed and savored. This nectar designed by Bruno Jovanovic and Pascal Gaurin is particularly original. It is embellished with an ingredient for the first time used in perfumery. This is the maninka. The latter is a fruit from Africa renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. It gives off an odor resembling that of passion fruit combined with hints of rum. In other words, he is responsible for all the culture of this part of the globe. The depth of this ingredient is associated with the invigorating aspect of ginger and the spicier side of lavender. These elements offer a somewhat enveloping rendering. Then, the scent intensifies via leathery tones. Boss The Scent’s masculinity is simply magnetic. We will have warned you, once we have tasted it, it is impossible to resist.

The other strengths of Boss The Scent

Boss The Scent is like a magic filter contained in a silver cage. The design of its bottle is very refined and particularly refined. It gives a glimpse of its amber juice evoking its warm and torrid aspect. What is more, its coppery hue is reminiscent of that of gold and only reinforces the luxurious aspect of the whole. On the advertising side, it is the handsome Théo James who is responsible for representing the perfume. We find him alongside the beautiful Russian model, Natasha Poly. The two make a perfect couple and it’s a safe bet that you will quickly succumb to the charm of this most glamorous painting. They are like two opposites that fate would have united … Unless it is the result of the spell produced by Boss The Scent. The closeness is palpable and the two lovers seem barely out of a particularly scorching night. We are totally immersed in the game of seduction wanted by Hugo Boss. So, if you wanted to highlight the seductive side that lies dormant in you, it seems that Hugo Boss has found the solution.

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