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How to wear perfume?


How to wear perfume?
How to wear perfume?

The scent is particularly important. It accompanies every moment of a life and can be revealing of the personality of the one who wears it. He starts in the morning to give us a boost of liveliness and finish our toilet. It is worn in the evening to enhance a more festive and elegant outfit. It is used to seduce, to evoke a memory, to brighten up a day, to respond to a desire, … Perfume is thus for many people a real ritual . However, be aware that there are many ways to perfume yourself. Do you really know how to highlight your perfume so that it gradually reveals itself? Here is our advice on the matter …

How to put on perfume?

First of all, know that putting on perfume is like revealing your identity to the whole world. Thus, it is essential to apply your perfume according to your character. You won’t go for the same fragrance if you are a shy and reserved person or if you are more flirtatious and extravagant. Likewise, you will not apply the same amount. Some people wear perfume to please themselves. In this case, there is no point in putting tons. You just need to spray a little in your scarf or in your scarf to intoxicate yourself with its scent. On the other hand, if your goal is to attract attention, it will instead be necessary to target the pulse points of your body so that your scent is diffused very widely on your passage.

How to perfume yourself with your fragrance?

Fragrances can be worn in many ways. Of course, the epidermis remains the most suitable support to enhance the scent of your perfume. Know that there are specific areas of your body, called pulse points, which diffuse the scent more widely. These areas are warmer than the rest of your body and therefore release more aromatic particles. This is for example the neck, the back of the neck, the back of the ears, the neckline or the wrists. At the same time, you can also spray your perfume on your clothes. However, be aware that synthetic fabrics have difficulty in carrying scents. Better to sprinkle the natural fibers, being careful not to stain your clothes by too intensive spraying.

Where to put the perfume?

Besides these conventional methods, be aware that there are plenty of places to apply your perfume. For example, do not hesitate to perfume your umbrella. Thus, the smell of your favorite fragrance will diffuse over the drops. You can also slip a cotton ball soaked in your favorite perfume into your lingerie drawer. For a more intense smell, do not hesitate to wash a few pieces of your laundry by hand while adding a little perfume to your washing water. Finally, to perfume yourself even more intimately, do not hesitate to put perfume all over your body, and not just on your cleavage, before putting on your clothes. Finally, know that by making a sort of cloud of perfume above you, the olfactory particles will fall back on your hair. In this way, your perfume will be revealed according to your movements.

Why do you have to put perfume on your wrist?

The inside of the wrists nevertheless remains a privileged place to put perfume. As seen previously, it is a point of pulsations. This particularly hot area of ​​the body has the particularity of igniting depending on your emotions. The wrists are one of the places on the body where your heartbeat is felt the most. Thus, under the influence of seduction, if your heart starts racing, it will only amplify the smell of your perfume. From then on, there is only one step between perfumery and the art of seduction. In addition, the fact of putting perfume on the inside of his wrists is considered a guarantee of absolute refinement. The scent of your essence will only be amplified during the day and your wrists will become an irresistible zone of seduction.

When to wear perfume?

Besides, do you know when to wear perfume exactly? In fact, you can wear it absolutely all the time. However, it is advisable not to use the same perfume depending on the occasion. To go to work, choose a neutral essence that will not risk inconvenience your colleagues. In the evening, dare to use more extravagant essences that will highlight your most beautiful and charming assets. To play sports, go more towards a fresh and energizing eau de toilette. Likewise, avoid overly opulent perfumes that could give you a headache. Finally, know that nothing is more sensual than wearing a perfume at night to sleep. Marilyn Monroe had also been widely talked about by admitting to wearing only a few drops of the famous Chanel N ° 5 to embellish her nights …

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