How to preserve your youth with Clarins New Skin Body Serum !?


How to preserve your youth with Clarins New Skin Body Serum !?
How to preserve your youth with Clarins New Skin Body Serum !?

Moisturize your skin to preserve its youth with Clarins New Skin Body Serum

Jacques Courtin reigned over the world of feminine beauty from 1954 to 2007. This passionate character was able to transmit his love for women to his successors, and Clarins has thus become one of the most famous beauty brands on the planet. Clarins is famous for its know-how, its proximity to its customers and its excellent mastery of natural products. This time, to preserve the beauty of your skin, Clarins has decided to focus on hydration. Focus on the New Skin Body Serum, a concentrate of youth to offer your figure to make it more seductive over the long term.

What is the link between hydration and the youthfulness of the epidermis?

It is now a fairly widely recognized fact: hydrating your skin helps preserve its youthfulness. But do you know exactly what connection there is between hydration and the preservation of the natural glow of your skin? Whatever the nature of your skin, whether it is dry, normal, combination or oily, it needs to be hydrated. Like a plant, when it lacks water, it tends to wither before its time. Indeed, like the rest of our body, the skin is made up largely of water. Thanks to it and its mineral salts, skin tissues can regenerate. Hydration therefore ensures the proper functioning of cell reproduction. It also preserves the protective film that is on the surface of our body. Thus, with good hydration, your skin is less fragile and can cope better with the world around it. Less attacked, it is therefore less marked by the impact of the years that have just passed. This is the link between hydration and the preservation of the youthfulness of your skin.

Clarins New Skin Body Serum, an anti-aging concentrate

The New Skin Body Serum is an anti-aging product that is applied to the body. After all, why should we just apply an anti-wrinkle agent to our face and not to the rest of our figure. It is a particularly moisturizing product that gives your body the impression of younger, more even skin. Its soft and creamy texture glides on the skin. From then on, the epidermis becomes more toned to the touch, smoother and more luminous. The Body Serum Clarins Skin Newfoundlandcombines the renovating and moisturizing efficacy of pre-retinol (vitamin A) with that of white water lily milk. This treatment is applied from the age of 30, and helps reduce all wilting of the body. Clarins New Skin Body Serum promotes the elimination of dead cells, and makes the skin less rough. It gives it freshness synonymous with youth and deeply hydrates. It can be used as a cure or on a regular basis throughout the year. You are free to judge the needs of your skin and bring it the best of science …

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