How to choose your perfume for men?


How to choose your perfume for men?
How to choose your perfume for men?

Which perfume for men to choose?

For those who think that statistics allow them to make the right choice when it comes to men’s essences, we have established a ranking of the best men’s fragrances .

But when you’re a man, how do you find the right fragrance?

First of all, to choose a perfume well , it is essential to know how it is composed. First of all, each essence is described according to an “olfactory pyramid”.

Top notes are the freshest part of a fragrance. They are what you perceive first and are much more volatile. The middle notes are more voluptuous. They constitute the central part of the perfume and diffuse for about four hours. Finally, the base notes are heavier and more tenacious. They can last for several days and are often woody and spicy.

Then be aware that there are different concentrations of perfumes. The colognes contain only 3% perfume. They are therefore ideal if you are looking for a very fresh fragrance. Eau de toilette contains less than 10% pure perfume. They also remain very clear but have better tenacity. Eau de Parfum contains 10 to 15% fragrance and is therefore more intense and opulent. Finally, the perfume contains at least 20% pure perfume concentrate. It is therefore very fragrant and much more tenacious. Is therefore does not go unnoticed.

What perfume for men?
What perfume for men?

What perfume for men?

There are different olfactory families of perfumes.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a fragrance in accordance with your personality.

If you are an elegant man, you should know that floral and woody accords should appeal to you. If you are a seducer, orient yourself instead towards oriental essences. They are both sensual and mysterious and combine spicy and amber flavors. The romantics, for their part, will rather orient themselves towards poetic essences, at the same time powdery, elegant and floral. On the other hand, if you are looking for virility, opt instead for very woody, vigorous and aromatic juices. The fresh and subtle scents will be perfect for the more athletic and dynamic among you. Make sure that they contain, for example, aquatic notes or mint.

Some men’s perfume juices, on the other hand, have an almost inexplicable timelessness. They are generally very popular with classy and discreet men or modern-day dandies. Finally, if you are a trendy man, try to keep yourself informed of the latest news.

The biggest luxury houses release at least one new composition per year, enough to continually renew your olfactory wardrobe!

What perfume for men?
What perfume for men?

Which perfume for which man?

After all these explanations, how about having some examples?

Givenchy is generally a very popular brand among stylish men. For good reason, its main scented collection is called Gentleman. Seducers looking for charm can opt for Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada or the timeless La Nuit de L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent. Romantics will seek more poetry.

Why not go to the heart of a bucolic nature thanks to L ‘ Eau de Campagne de Sisley? To accompany you in your sporting exploits, know that the freshness of Invictus by Paco Rabanne, CK One by Calvin Klein or Only The Brave by Diesel are must have in men’s perfumery. The Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier is very popular with dandies for its retro side. Finally, Azzaro is a brand that speaks to all men in search of virile, self-confident and Mediterranean masculinity.

Bien entendu, il s’agit là d’une liste non exhaustive et rien ne vous empêche d’ailleurs de posséder plusieurs parfums pour homme très différents, de façon à en changer en fonction des saisons, de votre humeur ou des occasions.

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