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How much does a perfume cost?


How much does a perfume cost?
How much does a perfume cost?

For many years, perfume was considered to be an exceptional object synonymous with prestige and refinement. Nevertheless, more and more perfume lovers today want to have this luxury. Thus, perfume is now one of the high-end products whose marketing is the most democratized to the general public. So what is the cost of a perfume really linked to?

The elements entering into the cost of a perfume

Of course, the cost of raw materials is a significant element influencing the price of a perfume. However, this is not the main factor. Indeed, VAT greatly contributes to increase its price. On the other hand, it is not the latter which occupies the first place of the podium. In addition, advertising and commercial costs are the main budgetary expense affecting the price of a gasoline. This is why some perfumes are sold around € 200 per bottle! In other words, do not hesitate to fully appreciate the dark gaze or the perfect silhouette of the muses present in the advertisements because you greatly contribute to paying their cachet.

The psychological importance of the price

However, if you often complain about the price of perfumes, you should know that studies have shown that most people would not buy a perfume from a major brand below a certain price point. Indeed, let’s not forget that perfume is considered a symbol of luxury. However, luxury is something that has to be paid for … Indeed, instinctively, we tend to think that price is necessarily synonymous with quality.

Now that you have all this data in hand, it’s up to you to determine your own price limit and to follow your intuition and your desires.

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