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Hoja de Cuba the new Berdoues perfume


Hoja de Cuba the new Berdoues perfume
Hoja de Cuba the new Berdoues perfume

The impertinence of the new Hoja De Cuba, the last Grand Cru of Berdoues

Yet still little known to the general public, Maison Berdoues is considered one of the most beautiful brands in our French heritage. Founded in Toulouse more than 100 years ago , it has seen successive generations of passionate perfumers. Always respecting the uses and authentic know-how of Haute Parfumerie, the latter have for several years been developing exceptional fragrances brought together in the Collection des Grands Crus de Berdoues. However, a brand new perfume has just emerged to expand its range. This one is called Hoja De Cuba.

Berdoues takes us to the heart of Cuba

The new Hoja De Cuba fragrance is part of the Berdoues Grands Crus Collection. This assortment of fragrances aims to reveal the natural elegance of the Colognes of yesteryear while taking us on a journey. These are produced with particular care, such as that which a winemaker could bring to the development of a Grand Cru. Each of the fragrances emanating from this collection has within it some ingredients characteristic of a place. Thus, each Grand Cru is the emblem of a country. Hoja De Cuba takes us to the heart of Havana. It must be said that this island has been experiencing a real tourist boom in recent years. Its name alone is enough to make you travel … Imagine yourself: the colorful alleys, Hispanic architecture, cigar makers, Cuban vehicles, salsa dancers … So it is precisely this festive temperament that we find in the Hoja De Cuba fragrance. Furthermore, this unique place is also renowned for the kindness of its inhabitants and their warmth of life. Combine this with the constant summer temperatures of Cuba and you will then get the conflagration created by this niche fragrance.

The almost cheeky flavor of Hoja De Cuba

For this new perfume, the Berdoues house has clearly played the card of originality. Moreover, it is a perfumer still very little known who made this essence. This one is called Aya Ayo and seems to be particularly daring. In addition, if Hoja De Cuba is based on a fairly simple recipe, it dares to create new pairings. His impertinence is revealed from the start. Indeed, Hoja De Cuba begins with a very spicy flavor. Then his heart becomes darker and more robust. This releases the scent of vetiver. This woody scent is both comforting and warm. Then, it is one of the flagship ingredients of Cuba which ends up sublimating this perfume. It is enveloped in a scent of tobacco. After all, what could be more evocative than the cigars made on this island? Hoja De Cuba is a fragrance that does not lack temperament. The latter is then presented to us in the emblematic bottle of the Collection des Grands Crus de Berdoues. Rectangular in shape, it is now dressed in orange, both refined and sunny.

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