Hight Impact Lip, the beneficial lipstick from Clinique


Hight Impact Lip, the beneficial lipstick from Clinique
Hight Impact Lip, the beneficial lipstick from Clinique

Lipstick is one of the oldest beauty products in the world. In fact, its use dates back to Mesopotamian civilization. Women then used a mixture based on crushed semi-precious stones to color their mouths. Nonetheless, solid lipstick as we know it today dates rather from the 10th century. Today, the growth of this product is such that it sells 27 tubes every second in the world! Logically, the Clinique brand has therefore embarked on the adventure, without forgetting to add all its expertise in terms of cosmetology.

Clinique’s expertise in a lipstick

Before being a makeup artist, Clinique is a brand specializing in skin care. Also, it was out of the question for this great house to develop a lipstick without integrating its know-how. Thus, Hight Impact Lip is a product full of hydration. It ensures the beauty of the mouth instantly but also continuously. What is more, to avoid any drying out and any cellular degradation, it is also enriched with sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Indeed, even in cloudy weather, they attack the epidermis and it is actually advisable to use sun protection all year round, including on your mouth.

The vibrant colors of High Impact Lip

What’s more, beyond its moisturizing aspect, Hight Impact Lip lipstick provides exemplary hold and coverage. The latter is also flexible according to your desires. In addition, its color fixative allows it not to spin and to hold for 8 hours. Your lips appear plumper and fuller than before. In addition, this effect is further increased by regular use which helps to smooth and hydrate your mouth. Forget your lips that are too dry and rediscover a real feeling of comfort, softness and flexibility thanks to this miracle product with many shades, each more seductive than the next.

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