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Guerlain’s moment, a unique moment


Guerlain's moment, a unique moment
Guerlain‘s moment, a unique moment

L’Instant de Guerlain is a perfume in the continuity of the Blue Hour and Shalimar . Indeed, it contains a good number of sensual and oriental notes. It is airy and powdery and awakens the senses from its first scent. The instant symbolizes a precious moment, when time stands still. It evokes a past as well as a present or future moment. Everyone has known this kind of moment when nothing matters anymore. In short, Guerlain’s Moment is in this image. It is a timeless and universal fragrance.

A magical moment

Guerlain’s communicationfor its fragrance, the Instant is in total coherence with the spirit of the brand. We find there the spirit of the Blue Hour with a touch of modernity. Like the latter, it depicts a particular emotion, or rather a unique moment in life. We see a woman losing her gaze in that of a man, her fingers searching for his arm … The moment surprises the senses. It is like love at first sight and arrives when you least expect it. It brings a concentrate of happiness. With it, all our senses are stirred and our body falls into a daze. He seems to have given birth to mad love. Thanks to him, the woman who wears it reveals herself in broad daylight and spreads her wings as if to shine better. It brings a fresh breath to everyday life and dissipates the clouds that hovered on the horizon. Its rays of sun warm the heart and its scents are like caresses. They are as sweet as tender kisses.

An innovative fragrance from Guerlain

The moment is a fragrance signed by Maurice Roucel dating from 2003. Also, the latter is very innovative in the sense that its architecture does not respect a classic structure. We do not find the famous top notes, followed by heart notes and preceding the base. We rather notice a very well-constructed assembly of sensual and luminous facets echoing each other. What’s more, a rare flower is emerging. The Chinese magnolia flower is present and had never been used by Guerlain before. Both soft and opulent, it is she who brings light into this perfume. What is more, this sensation is reinforced since it is coupled with sambac jasmine and ylang-ylang. At the same time, L’Instant delivers deeper and more sensual tones. Of course, there is the famous guerlinade, an emblematic accord of the house made of amber and vanilla to which are added here benzoin and enveloping musk. In addition, the essence follows a common thread of the most greedy: the citrus honey flows like sap and brings it warmth. Finally, bergamot and tangerine enhance the whole with a sweet freshness.

The Instant bottle has been designed like a jewel. It is very balanced and particularly aesthetic. Its shape plays between the rectangle and the curve cut in a noble and transparent glass. It exudes a very refined and luxurious look. The bottom of this case is tinted with amethyst and illuminates the walls of the glass. The flat cap is engraved with the Guerlain seal, which recalls the Maison identity of the 1930s. Finally, the silk cord which surrounds the neck of the bottle finishes off its refinement.

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