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Guerlain’s Ideal Man, or the smell of one who does not exist!


Guerlain's Ideal Man, or the smell of one who does not exist!
Guerlain‘s Ideal Man, or the smell of one who does not exist!

It is a fact, many mature women will tell you, the Ideal Man does not exist! However, Guerlain seems to have succeeded in the daring gamble of creating a perfume for it… This is a very daring idea that is absolutely not lacking in self-mockery.

Guerlain meets three female criteria

Girls, if you had to describe the Ideal Man, what would you say? We are already imagining your answer… This one should be “smart, beautiful and strong!” At least, it is from this premise that the Guerlain house started out to imagine its perfume. The brand then designed a juice interpreting these qualities with a good dose of second degree. In other words, it could well be that this perfume is a concentrate of the ideal smell. It is in any case designed to reveal the potential of men and reveal the idealistic part that lies dormant in them.

The perfume of L’Homme Idéal

For Guerlain, intelligence rhymes with liveliness. Also, the Ideal Man is a fragrance that starts with a fresh and sparkling top note composed of rosemary, orange blossom and citrus fruits. Then comes its beauty and sensuality. These are interpreted by a duet of fine and tonka bean. What’s more, as if that weren’t enough, the whole thing is embellished with a sprig of vanilla. Finally, the strength and virility of the Ideal Man lie at its core. This one is especially full of Indian vetiver, patchouli, leather and cedar wood. We have here a real concentrate of masculinity! Also, if the Ideal Man is probably a myth, Guerlain has made his scent a reality.

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