Guerlain Meteorites, to shine like a star!


Guerlain Meteorites, to shine like a star!
Guerlain Meteorites, to shine like a star!

Meteorites, Guerlain makeup stars

The Guerlain house is one of the most illustrious French brands. It is characterized by a huge fragrance department but also by a constantly expanding make-up sector. Guerlain reflects the image of French know-how and excellence throughout the world. Some of its products show exceptional longevity and succeed in seducing women of all generations. This is the case with the famous Meteorites by Guerlain. Born from the know-how of expert craftsmen, it is a product made in 1987 with the aim of sublimating female skin. So, how about unraveling the mystery of these little colorful pearls?

What are Guerlain Meteorites?

Guerlain Meteorites are an assembly of several beads of compacted powder, of different colors. These hold the secret of the Poussi√®re d’Etoile technology, patented by Guerlain. In other words, they contain a light-creating polymer. On contact with the skin, it transforms into a pure radiance that captures the surrounding light to better reflect it. In addition to this extraordinary luminosity, Meteorites are characterized by an assembly of several pearls of different colors. Each of them has a very specific function. The white pearls are used to mattify the skin. Yellow shades fight rodents. Pink brings freshness to the skin. The mauve is used to catch the light. Meteoritesare also available in four different colored assemblies. Each of them is intended for a more or less clear skin, so as to come as close as possible to the natural complexion of women who apply makeup using this delicate product. Also note that Guerlain’s Meteorites are a nod to the brand’s perfume universe. Indeed, they contain an elegant scent of violets. All in subtlety, it leaves an inimitable wake on the skin, whose scent is slightly similar to that of the rice powder of yesteryear.

How are Guerlain meteorites used

Guerlain Meteorites come in a small, compact box. All in femininity, this one delivers us an assembly of pearls which it is enough to sweep with the help of a brush to take the right quantity of powder. Then, the texture obtained is applied evenly over the entire face. Guerlain Meteorites are used to standardize all of your makeup and improve its hold. At the same time, they hide the last little flaws that would not have been totally tamed by your foundation. Also note that by using Guerlain Meteorites on the bulging areas of your face you will give it more relief. So do not hesitate from the center of your forehead towards your cheekbone, towards the bridge of your nose and towards your chin, so as to draw a kind of G.

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