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Guerlain – Madame Look Autumn Veil


Guerlain Madame Rougit 4-Color Blush
Guerlain Madame Rougit 4-Color Blush

The Guerlain house offers us a new look for this spring 2013:

Madame’s veil

The spring 2013 Voilette de Madame make-up look first offered us a brand new limited edition “Madame Rougit” blush and then new make-up shades of its flagship products with three new colors of Rouge G by Guerlain dressed in fishnet.

Guerlain – Madame Rougit 4 Colors Blush

Madame’s weapon of seduction!

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A black lacquered case with a magnetic closure, which arouses all envy. In the large mirror of the top, we see an intriguing powder: a bayadère of four luminous colors, swept with a veil of metallic white satin. Pale pink to illuminate the cheekbones. Coral for a peachy complexion. Beige to smooth the skin texture. A raspberry tone to cool the cheeks.

Suitable for all skin tones, this soft and light compact powder, with the delicate scent of violet, is applied using the integrated brush and is stored in an elegant suede stitched with a coral-colored thread, matching one of the four shades of the powder.

Rouge G – 860 Madame Batifole – 861 Madame Flirte – 862 Madame Rêve

Rouge G - 860 Madame Batifole - 861 Madame Flirte - 862 Madame Rêve
Rouge G – 860 Madame Batifole – 861 Madame Flirte – 862 Madame Rêve

For this autumn look, Guerlain is dressing 3 new Rouge G fishnet.

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The first exceptional full lipstick! A jewel case with white gold reflections thought out and designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the young and talented jeweler from Place Vendôme. A horizontal design with feminine curves that hides a secret: a mirror is revealed automatically when opened. Elegant and modern to the end: the lipstick closes magnetically.

For this exceptional object, a premium and comprehensive formula with a star ingredient: ruby ​​powder which acts as an optical brightener to enhance the color and brilliance of shades. The alliance of natural assets (Tiger grass, wild mango butter, Gugui resin) from traditional medicines completes the formula to plump, smooth and bring softness and comfort to your lips.

Varnish – Lacquer Color 860 Madame Batifole

La Laque Color 860 Madame Batifole Varnish by Guerlain
La Laque Color 860 Madame Batifole Varnish by Guerlain

For this fall 2013 look, Guerlain is unveiling a new shade of its La Laque Color varnish: a crimson that draws on violet: 860 Madame Batifole.

Buy Guerlain 860 Madame Batifole La Laque Vernis at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

An essential ally of accomplished femininity, Color Lacquer is the promise of exalted beauty to the tips of the nails.

Enriched with adhesion and acrylic resins, this varnish is applied in an ideally homogeneous manner and optimizes perfect color fidelity. Nitrocellulose forms a flexible and elastic film that attaches to the nail perfectly.

Perfectly restored, the shades display a lacquered shine for days on end.

The Color Lacquer is equipped with an exclusive large and extra flat facilitating brush, which follows the shape of the onge and deposits the ideal dose of varnish for a uniform application from the first coat. A design perfectly coordinated with the design of Cils d’Enfer and Gloss d’Enfer.

Gloss d’Enfer – 860 Madame Batifole – 861 Madame Flirte – 863 Madame Fascine

Gloss d'Enfer - 860 Madame Batifole - 861 Madame Flirte - 863 Madame Fascine
Gloss d’Enfer – 860 Madame Batifole – 861 Madame Flirte – 863 Madame Fascine

Dans son look automne Guerlain propose trois nouveaux Gloss d’Enfer : l’un de couleur pourpre qui s’associe parfaitement au vernis, l’autre rouge et un dernier marron.

Acheter le Gloss d’Enfer de Guerlain au meilleur prix sur Fragrenza Perfumes.

Le Gloss adulé complice d’un sourire désirable et pimpant ! Gloss d’Enfer colore et galbe le sourire pour une moue faussement innocente, audacieusement brillante et délicieusement provocante.

Non collante, la texture fine et moelleuse de Gloss d’Enfer glisse comme un voile sur les lèvres. Composée d’huiles minérales et végétales, elle maintient l’hydratation et garde les lèvres douces. Intensément brillante, elle assure au sourire un fini miroitant, galbant et repulpant.

Sa ligne et son format compact, inspirés par Cils d’Enfer, sont affinés et allongés pour mieux évoquer la promesse d’un sourire. Le design de l’applicateur idéalement conçu permet de dessiner et de définir instinctivement le contour des lèvres. Il est muni d’un mini-réservoir pour délivrer la juste dose de gloss, dès la première application. Superposer les couches pour obtenir une intensité plus profonde.

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