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Guerlain – Black Mascara G


Guerlain - Refillable Black G Mascara
Guerlain – Refillable Black G Mascara

After the launch of Rouge G Guerlain returns in 2012 with an equally luxurious and refillable mascara please.

Guerlain Noir G Mascara

Mascara Noir G - Guerlain - Advertising
Mascara Noir G – Guerlain – Advertising

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Exceptional Complete Mascara

Guerlain’s new Noir G mascara is the first mascara to combine an extraordinary formula with a luxurious and extravagant setting. Guerlain’s Noir G mascara gives volume, lengthens and curls the lashes for an impressive makeup result.

Guerlain - Mascara Noir G - Refill
Guerlain – Mascara Noir G – Refill

Ultra-black pigments create perfectly defined eyes without any risk of smearing, or clumping. A fortifying agent helps regenerate eyelashes while stimulating keratin thus helping in the fortification and growth of eyelashes.

The revolutionary Noir G mascara goes even further with a reusable applicator. Guerlain invents refillable mascara. Once you buy the refillable mascara you just need to buy the refill.

The very luxury box of Guerlain’s Noir G mascara features a double mirror.

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