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Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, a concentrate of daring and lust


Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, a concentrate of daring and lust
Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, a concentrate of daring and lust

Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, a fragrance synonymous with lust

Initially, the Gucci house was characterized by its very elegant style, inspired by English nobility and refinement. However, over the course of its career, and after almost 100 years of existence, Gucci has evolved its style somewhat, to become the star Italian brand of provocative but elegant women. Gucci creations never go unnoticed, whether in its fragrances, handbags or jewelry. The Gucci woman loves to stand out. But what better way than perfume to highlight all its sensuality? This is precisely why the new Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum was designed!

Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, the essence of a very daring woman!

The new Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum woman has a unique and provocative personality. With it, no challenge seems unattainable. The Gucci woman is a modern day heroine who will do anything to achieve her goal. Its leitmotif? ” Who dare win ” ! Beautifully cheeky, the Gucci woman is the epitome of sex and power. Rebel and daring, she seems intoxicated by adrenaline. With her, breaking the rules and going beyond the limits is a daily mission. The woman who wears Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum likes to burn life at both ends. Powerful but still elegant, she hates routine above all else and makes her feel alive! So, what would you say to add a touch of pep to your daily life, starting by getting drunk on this niche fragrance?

Gucci Gulty Eau de Perfume, a refined bottle concealing a powerful fragrance

Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum comes in a bottle completely lacquered with gold metal. Thus, this precious alloy gives it a very luxurious allure. The massive structure of this bottle also gives the impression of a strong and unstoppable woman. The Gucci logo, drawing two intertwined G’s, is present on the front of this bottle, while being associated with a flesh color, evocative of female skin.
Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum reappropriates the main olfactory elements of its predecessors. Thus, it preserves its irreplaceable touch of lilac. Here this noble flower is combined with violet. First, the lilac is refreshed with citrus, before being suddenly warmed with pink pepper. Little by little, seduction takes over. Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum ends with a note of amber patchouli.

For the record, know that the Gucci Gulty perfume saw the light of day for the very first time in 2010. Since then, it has reinvented itself frequently, approximately every three years. Successively, he gave birth to Gucci Gulty Intense in 2011, Gucci Gulty Black in 2013, then Gucci Gulty Eau in 2016. Gucci Gulty Eau de Parfum is therefore the fifth edition of this irreverent saga!

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