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Girl de Rochas, the “girl power” of a 100% rural advertising campaign


Girl de Rochas, the "girl power" of a 100% rural advertising campaign
Girl de Rochas, the “girl power” of a 100% rural advertising campaign

In his fashion as in his perfumery, Marcel Rochas has always been keen to sublimate women. Thus, the brand bearing his name has always seduced by its uniqueness, elegance and simplicity. Once again, in its latest creation, Rochas perfumery celebrates feminine freedom. Perfectly anchored in the latest trends of the moment, Girl is surfing the “girl power” movement, while delivering us a very respectful fragrance for the environment. Far from being a classic composition, this feminine essence defends very current values. For this, it is also accompanied by an advertising campaign.

Girl de Rochas, a vegan and luminous fragrance

First of all, let’s start by setting the scene, by briefly presenting this niche fragrance to you. Girl is an essence aimed at the new generation, attentive to the planet and to well-being. Because the world is changing, Rochas perfumery is following the movement. Girl is a completely eco-friendly fragrance, based on a vegan formula, containing 90% of ingredients of natural origin. Its bottle, meanwhile, is also made from recycled materials. On the scent side, it is an infinitely luminous fragrance, articulated around neroli, jasmine and orange blossom, as many ingredients as intoxicating as they are relaxing.

The rural spirit of Rochas advertising

The advertisement for Girl de Rochas takes place in the countryside, in the middle of the fields. There, these are three young women who simply celebrate the joy of being in the middle of nature. Amidst wheat fields or yellow expanses of sunflowers, they are just having a good time and savoring the moment. The muses of Rochas are not made up. Completely natural, they are far from the cliché of the femme fatale. The motto of Girl de Rochas perfume: “make every woman feel good”. In this advertisement, the bet is brilliantly taken up! This campaign “emphasizes ecological awareness with a product that is more respectful of the planet”. The scene is played out under a bright sun, perfectly echoing the raw materials contained in this perfume.

The three female muses of Girl de Rochas

To embody her perfume on the screen, Rochas Girl does not rely on one, but on three muses. The feminist movement is led by Emma Le Doyen, accompanied by Lavinia Julien and Jade. All three evolve in a natural universe, beautifully imaged by director and photographer Laura Weaver, renowned for her pop and colorful style. It should also be noted that this casting is far from having been chosen at random. In life, all these young women are really friends, which only reinforces their bond on the screen. The scene is played on the track “Girl you know it’s true” by Milli Vanilli, as relaxed as it is playful. Rochas’ advertising leitmotif: “Spray Good, Feel Good”, quite simply!

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