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Giorgio Armani perfume Si Rose Signature


Giorgio Armani perfume Si Rose Signature
Giorgio Armani perfume Si Rose Signature

The Armani house is one of the most prestigious brands on the planet. Also, the year 2015 made all the more talk about it since Armani celebrated its 40 years there. On this occasion, a collector’s edition of the famous Si perfume was born. Its bottle was particularly prestigious at the time, created in a limited edition on the island of Murano and resting on gold leaf. However, if you were going to treat yourself to one, you had to shell out the modest sum of € 3,900 for 30 ml! Rest assured, Armani has just announced the arrival of the new Si Rose Signature , a version that is much more affordable and even more feminine than its predecessors.

The very feminine bottle of Armani

Armani is a house recognized for its natural elegance and refinement. Also, the bottle of the perfume Si, released in 2013, stuck perfectly to this image. Indeed, it did not embellish superfluous details and its refined style gave off a perfect image of prestige. It adopted a transparency playing with light and hinted at the tender color of its iridescent pink juice. Its base, as for it, seemed perfectly anchored in the ground so as to project its tapered faces towards the sky. On the other hand, all his extravagance resided in his cabochon.

Giorgio Armani - Si Rose Signature
Giorgio Armani – Si Rose Signature

On the one hand, it was covered with an opaque black lacquer contrasting strongly with the transparency of the rest of the bottle. In addition, it adopted generous and curved shapes in total opposition to the geometric lines of the glass case. Finally, a golden line underlined its base while the other accentuated its collar. This only reinforced the luxurious aspect of this container. On the occasion of the release of Si Rose Signature, most of this design remains the same. However, the beauty of its glass is embellished with a particularly feminine pink silk scarf that combines wonderfully with the tender scent of its juice. The texture of this bottle would thus become almost as soft as a woman’s skin.

The intoxicating scent of the new Si Rose Signature

The new Si Rose Signature fragrance
The new Si Rose Signature fragrance

On the scent side, the Armani house called on perfumer Julie Massé to create this essence. Moreover, the latter had worked with Christine Nagel, creator of the perfume Si in 2013, when she started with the Mane group. She then decided to accentuate her femininity by proposing an association of May rose and Damask rose. Both are then played in overdose. However, they come with a number of ingredients. Thus, the delicacy and lightness of Si Rose Signature are notably accentuated by the presence of iris, osmanthus and freesia. In addition, this scent appears to be very warm. This comes in particular from the presence of vanilla scents. On the other hand, Armani has not failed to assert its prestige through its scent. Indeed, this composition is full of particularly luxurious ingredients. In particular, there is ambrette seed, a raw material from eastern India and reserved for fine perfumery given its high cost. This gives off a somewhat musky odor. Likewise, blackcurrant buds, an ingredient that can only be found in luxury perfumes, are also present and they bring a little fruity and minty side. Thus, Si Rose Signature becomes a particularly invigorating essence whose dynamism is further reinforced by the addition of bergamot and tangerine. Finally, the patchouli binds everything together with a deep intensity.

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