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First, the embodiment of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry


First, the embodiment of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry
First, the embodiment of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

First is a very classic fragrance borrowing from great richness. His universe embodies French goldsmithing and Parisian elegance. Both complex and opulent, it comes from a brand that until its creation was dedicated to jewelry. As Claude Saujet said, who was working on its creation: “Jewelry is wealth, luxury. I want it to smell like a gem. “Also, the least we can say is that First has done everything to accomplish its mission as well as possible since it is made up of no less than 160 ingredients! As much to say to you that its composition could not be more complex and all the more captivating.

First, the complex floral created by Jean-Claude Elena

First is a very rich floral bouquet made up of a multitude of raw materials, each more noble than the next. Also, through him, Van Cleef & Arples underlines his prestige and associates high quality ingredients as he would assemble precious stones in his sets. His starting chords are quite daring. They combine blackcurrant bud, tangerine and bergamot. Also, now you can imagine how striking First can be. His heart is just as majestic. It combines many flowers such as jasmine, lily of the valley, Turkish rose, narcissus and ylang-ylang. In addition, Jean-Claude Elena, the perfumer, added aldehydes and hedione to give it a little movement. Finally, its wake is timeless without lacking in character.

The bottle, meanwhile, is inspired by a pendant created by the house of Van Cleef & Arples. In addition, we could also see the shape of an earring. First is enclosed in a case with sensual and elegant curves evoking great femininity. In addition, its luxurious effect is also due to the color of its very amber juice and its warm tones. Its hue is reminiscent of gold and First would almost become a divine essence.

For Van Cleef & Arples, from jewelry to perfumes, there is only one step

First came out during the year 1976 and if there was to be an adjective to qualify its coming, it could well be that it was “unexpected”. Indeed, until that date, Van Cleef & Arples was a jeweler and not a perfumer. Also, when he announced the birth of his newcomer, everyone was already talking about jewelry trends and wondering what stones he would use to create his new sets. Also, with First, the famous Place Vendôme house has decided to unite two worlds with the sole aim of transcending feminine splendor. Also, First embodies the magic of a meeting of two prestigious worlds. With this essence, all the know-how of the jeweler has been teleported into a glass case in liquid form. In a way, we can therefore say that First is a “jewel of perfume”. It lives up to what one is entitled to expect when two arts meet. Van Cleef & Arples seems to have shown sufficient standards to make this product by nature ephemeral borrowing a strong dose of eternity.

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