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Eclat d’Arpège, Lanvin reinterprets its great classic


Eclat d'Arpège, Lanvin reinterprets its great classic
Eclat d’Arpège, Lanvin reinterprets its great classic

Eclat d’Arpège is a fragrance with a history. Indeed, it is a more modern revisit of one of its 75-year-old ancestors. The latter was simply called Arpège and was Lanvin’s great aldehyde floral classic. Also, Eclat d’Arpège takes again its original melody and embellishes it with some additional vibrations. Everything is then contained in a ball bottle with a very Art-Deco style. We have in our hands a floral creation, composed of wisteria, musks, amber and cedar from Lebanon. Its lilac juice then asks only to let the light filter, evaporate its perfume, and above all increase our emotions.

The sweet melody revisited of the essence of Lanvin

Arpège is a fragrance as pleasant on the nose as a musical sparkle is on the ears. It offers lively, pure and cheerful scents. He then interprets in a more modern and airy way the sweet melody of the famous Arpège de Lanvin, mythical and emblematic perfume of the house. Its vibrations are very fresh, as if its ultimate goal were to awaken our senses, to arouse emotion and to encourage happiness. It floats in the air and releases a wake made of softness and light. Its scent is silky and warm, voluptuous and elegant. Eclat d’Arpège is a perfume that marvelously combines gluttony with emotion. Also, this olfactory variation is much lighter and more sparkling than the first version. The sound it gives off is playful. However, Eclat d’Arpège does not forsake its elegance. Finally, it only brings a touch of youth but the search for the harmony of scents has remained intact. Lanvin always enjoys flirting with perfection.

Eclat d’Arpège, a floral filled with freshness

Eclat d’Arpège has kept the same olfactory family as its elder and in this case delivers a very floral scent. However, it embellishes it with a little freshness. Likewise, the recklessness of youth is at the tip of its nose, as if to make it spin better. Eclat d’Arpège contains wisteria flowers and exudes a satiny softness. Then, green tea brings its share of lightness while the flowers of the peach tree give it voluptuousness. The red peony only makes it more sensual and the Chinese osmanthus adds gluttony to it. His departure is dazzling and very refreshing. One instantly smells of lilac as well as the citrus notes of Sicilian lemon. At the same time, the background is more woody. It presents us with the smell of cedar from Lebanon, accompanied by amber and musk.

Regarding the bottle, here too Lanvin wanted to use the codes of the first Arpège in order to reclaim them. Also, the famous ball bottle is still there, as well as its very Art Deco style. However, its modernity takes place thanks to its transparency and its dazzling cap. In addition, this glass case suggests a magnificent very feminine lilac juice. The whole is crowned with a clasp, adorned with two metal rings and surmounted by a white diamond. These two golden alliances are there as if to symbolize the union of the past and the present. They then embody all the timelessness of this fragrance.

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