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Eau de Lacoste for Her Sparkling


Eau de Lacoste for Her Sparkling
Eau de Lacoste for Her Sparkling

Initially, Lacoste was a very masculine brand. Also, over time, its feminine range expands and followers of the brand are now delighted to see that it is possible to dress from head to toe thanks to products stamped with the most famous crocodile in the world. . However, one essential element was missing: a fragrance as captivating as Eau de Toilette L.12.12 for men but in a feminine version. Well, it’s now done! Lacoste is currently launching a variation of perfume all borrowing from the same universe, with a view to filling every facet of the female personality.

Eau de Lacoste ad for Elle Sparkling

The most dapper version of Eau de Lacoste L.12.12

With its pretty pink color, the Eau de Lacoste Sparkling bottle immediately announces the mood of the moment. The latter sees life in pink and has fun with everything. Its fragrance is particularly joyful and the signature is very French. What is more, gourmets will be delighted by the essences he releases in his heart. Imagine: you are immersed in the heart of the 1930s, the music is in full swing and the cries of children resonate… Yes, you are indeed at the heart of a funfair in the center of Paris. This is when your heart races and your stomach sees life in pink! Lacoste unveiled its macaroon heart with the sugar of cotton candy. With such a mix, no wonder the Lacoste woman is all perky! However, it is no less graceful and is also adorned with the subtle scent of Lily. This ingredient is one of the most popular in luxury perfumery and Lacoste then imposes its perfume in the rank of prestige essence. Its head is none other than a fruity flight: We immediately notice the citrus notes of mandarin associated with red apple and blackberry. The whole is also raised by some spices. The wake is more sophisticated. Patchouli then mixes with vetiver, musk and cashmere.

The Lacoste woman, a real tenniswoman!

However, the brand does not forget its origins. Indeed, you are well aware that Lacoste is an integral part of the world of tennis. In fact, the whole story goes back to 1933, when René Lacoste, a tennis player, decided to create a more comfortable shirt for the practice of this sport. So he designed it in jersey and it was truly revolutionary. In addition, as if to sign his creation, he affixed a small crocodile to it. It was, in this case, his nickname because of his longevity on the tennis courts. And that’s how the Lacoste polo shirt made its appearance never to leave us again. Also, strong in its values ​​since its beginnings, the brand never forgets its origins. With this new creation, Lacostepresents a new facet of its green crocodile. This then becomes embedded in the bottle and the overall rendering is reminiscent of the tenniswoman’s little skirt.

So who said you have to choose between elegance and sport?

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