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Eau Belle, the bubble of gaiety from the Azzaro perfume house


Eau Belle, the bubble of gaiety from the Azzaro house
Eau Belle, the bubble of gaiety from the Azzaro house

Loris Azzaro is recognized as the most sensual Mediterranean couturier. He admires women and likes to sublimate them with his ready-to-wear creations, but also olfactory. Because Loris Azzaro spent his childhood in Tunisia, he puts in all these perfumes a little sun and blue sea. Her first fragrance “  Azzaro pour Homme  ” has become a timeless fragrance, filled with masculine seduction. It was in 1995 that the brand presented “Eau Belle”, a sparkling , irresistible water that makes you happy whatever you do.

Eau Belle, an olfactory getaway in blue-turquoise colors

Once is not customary, because Loris Azzaro wished, here again, to share with us his love for Mediterranean scents. To evoke the sea, the designer wanted soft, transparent water in blue-turquoise colors. As Azzaro says, “I wanted this perfume to tell about the flowers, the rumor and the charm of the Mediterranean. In this sense, “Eau Belle” is an essence that appeals to the memories of children of Loris Azzaro. He then wanted an ultra cheerful, sparkling fragrance that exudes the joy of living. Its color immerses us intensely in a bubble of pure happiness.

Eau Belle, the notes of happiness

It is the perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer who created this fresh and feminine eau, a little mischievous. “Eau Belle” begins with citrus notes, those of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin and Japanese yuzu, all associated with a peach note. Its floral heart is extremely feminine, because it combines jasmine, freesia, cyclamen and syringa. Finally, the base of “Eau Belle” leaves behind a tenderly woody honeyed trail with the presence of Sardinian honey, cedar, Tuscan cypress and ambergris. This olfactory escapade then ends with delicately sensual notes. The bottle is a call to happiness in itself. It was drawn and conceived by Frédérico Restrepo and with the complicity of Loris Azzaro. The bottle is made up of three drops stacked on top of each other. Each drop, made from biot glass, takes on an olfactory facet of the perfume. The bottle looks at the end like a turquoise sea blue box crisscrossed with white cascades and whose interior offers orange reflections … A pure wonder!

All the charm and scents of the Mediterranean in bubbles of happiness, it is “Eau Belle”. Ultra joyful fragrance, “Eau Belle” plunges into the childhood memories of Loris Azzaro. The turquoise sea and the sun are perfectly represented here and the bubbles transport us far, very far …

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