Discover the composition of ck One Gold


Discover the composition of ck One Gold
Discover the composition of ck One Gold

CK One Gold, the new mixed woody fragrance from Calvin Klein

As always, the iconic CK One perfume returns and once again pays homage to “carefree youth”. However, this time it shows itself in its most luxurious facet. So, as the name of the new Calvin Klein suggests, men and women who perfume themselves using the new CK One Gold would be able to turn anything they touch into gold! This new bottle dripping with a 24-carat gold coulis thus creates sparks in the eyes at the mere sight of its prestigious bottle. But then, what about its scent?

Calvin Klein’s love for androgynous essences

The new CK One Gold is a unisex fragrance. In other words, it is just as suitable for women as it is for men. It must be said that this desire has become emblematic of the entire CK One collection.. Indeed, it appeared in 1995, in full transparent wave and at a time when androgyny literally flooded the news. In fact, Calvin Klein had the idea to develop a mixed perfume by observing his teenage children. Girls or boys, they seemed to form one and the same community. He then wanted to create a perfume for them. The CK One collection from the house of Calvin Klein is a tribute to open-mindedness and honesty. It is a juice that can be shared and which is aimed at anyone wishing to live as they see fit. Once again, with the release of CK One Gold, Calvin Klein dares anti-conformism. His puzzling creativity then promises to seduce you once again and we must recognize that his daring is not to displease us.

The unique smell of CK One Gold

CK One Gold is a kind of modern reinterpretation of its predecessors. It begins with a real breath of multifaceted freshness. Its fruity aspect comes from the fig. Sage, on the other hand, gives us a glimpse of its more aromatic temperament. To this is added bergamot, a fruit resulting from the cross between sour orange and lemon. This one is more zesty but just as dazzling and biting. Then, a more floral heart takes place. CK One Gold releases rich and opulent scents of jasmine, a white flower very present in perfumery and considered to be one of the queens of flowers. This is associated with violet, a more powdery plant. Then, it is at this moment that the woody aspect of this juice emerges. CK One Gold ends with a virile breath of vetiver associated with the mysterious depth of guaiac wood. The whole leaves a particularly warm imprint on the skin which blends as well with the feminine sensuality as with the intense masculinity of the men.

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