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Diorshow Brow Chalk for your eyebrows?


Diorshow Brow Chalk for your eyebrows?
Diorshow Brow Chalk for your eyebrows?

The art of structuring your eyes with Diorshow Brow Chalk by Dior

On the occasion of the launch of its Fall 2016 Look, Dior is unveiling a new must-have for your eyebrows.

Most often, women opt for waxing their eyebrows. However, some eyebrows require a more global grip and it is essential to redraw their structure in order to really sublimate the look. This is called a restructuring of the eyebrows depending on the shape of the face. This allows you to reconstruct the shape of an eyebrow appropriate to your morphology. Also, in order to make your life easier, the Dior house has developed a real miracle product allowing this operation to be carried out with the stroke of a pencil. This is Diorshow Brow Chalk Brow Chalk.

How to use Dior Diorshow Brow Chalk?

Diorshow Brow Chalk Eyebrow Chalk has a texture that allows you to fill in the eyebrows with a simple gesture. This make-up product redraws the look in a few minutes and makes it more intense. Your face thus appears restructured and your eyebrows are suddenly fuller.

The advantages of Dior eyebrow chalk

For more hold and effectiveness, Diorshow Brow Chalk Eyebrow Chalk has a waterproof formula that resists water. The whole thing provides an absolutely natural look and lends itself just as much to fine eyebrows as to already well-supplied hair implantations. In addition, Diorshow Brow Chalk Brow Chalk allows extreme precision of application. The right amount of pigments is then deposited on your skin, redensifying the most sparse parts and providing them with immediate correction. What’s more, in order to adapt perfectly to your face, know that Diorshow Brow Chalk is available in three colors.

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