Diorliner Precise traced fluid eyeliner


Diorliner Precise traced fluid eyeliner
Diorliner Precise traced fluid eyeliner

It was Christian Dior who founded his fashion house of the same name in 1947. His “New Look” style is elegant and fresh and gives women what she needed, after the war, a boost of life. For 40 years now, the “Science Dior” department has been pushing back the boundaries of excellence and innovation every day. The 260 researchers from the 3 research centers (France, China, Japan) host the most advanced disciplines, namely molecular biology, dermatology, chemistry, genomics and ethnobotany. They work closely with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Stanford University in the United States, the University of Bradford in England, the University of Modena in Italy and the Pierre et Marie Curie Institute in France.

Dior Diorliner Precise Line Fluid Eyeliner, the most precise line

The automatic eyeliner pen delivers a precise, even and regular line. A click and Diorliner deposits the right amount of product. Its formula is ultra liquid and its applicator is an automatic brush. For the first use, it is necessary to remove the priming ring and to assemble the two parts of the pen by a firm pressure. For daily use, it is recommended to shake well before each application. Remove the cap and turn the dosing knob two or three notches to soak the brush. Replace the cap after use.

With “Dior Diorliner Eyeliner Fluid Tracé Précis” , you benefit from an ultra precise line. The quality and intensity of its pigments leave your eyelid with the most powerful and luminous color. Your gaze is intensified.

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