Diorific varnish: A resplendent manicure


Diorific varnish: A resplendent manicure
Diorific varnish: A resplendent manicure

If the biggest luxury brands regularly offer new products, their Christmas collection is always eagerly awaited. Indeed, it is time for magic and it is then a question of creating stars in the eyes of consumers. As such, Dior regularly revisits its flagship products. In 2016, the brand set its sights on the iconic Diorific varnishes, reinterpreting them in four new pearly colors that are particularly tempting. You have been warned, your hands are already promising to be more chic than ever for the holiday season!

The shine of the new Diorific Vernis

On the occasion of the development of its unpublished Diorific Vernis , Dior has above all bet on shine. Thus, if the rendering of their application remains smooth and shiny like glass, the visual finish of his new varnishes, meanwhile, is slightly glittery. The pearly effect produced is absolutely intense. It comes in four colors: Golden, similar to gold, Precious, in fuchsia tones, Splendor, the eternal red temptation, and Cosmic, darker and close to black. What’s more, everything is enriched with organic silicon, a raw material that reinforces the surface of the nail for optimized hold. Thus, the fusion between the Vernis Diorific and your nail will be absolutely perfect and will last longer than ever.

Applying Dior varnish

On the application side, these new varnishes are presented with an applicator specially designed to make your job easier. The latter consists of a golden and bevelled tip connected to a fairly short rod. Thus, you will be closer to your nail and the application of the varnish will be even easier. Although ensuring optimal coverage from the first pass, Dior recommends applying two successive layers. What’s more, for a result worthy of a professional, do not forget to apply a base coat beforehand and finish your manicure with a top coat, with the Vernis Nova from the range for example. This will optimize the hold of your nail polish while making it particularly shiny.

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