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Dioressence, the enigmatic sensuality of Dior


Dioressence, the enigmatic sensuality of Dior
Dioressence, the enigmatic sensuality of Dior

Dioressence is a voluptuous and intoxicating fragrance. It reflects all the mysteries of the Orient while exuding an extreme femininity and incomparable elegance.

Its sensuality is mysterious and has nevertheless become essential since its release in 1979. It releases notes of geranium, cinnamon and patchouli. Its heady appearance manages to capsize the hearts of people, both the women who wear it and the men who cross its path.

Dioressence, a scent of mystery

Before being a perfume, Dioressencewas a bath oil launched in 1973. This is where its name comes from. At the time this beauty product offered a strong enough concentration and having the gift of awakening the senses. Also, it was a great success, so much so that, six years later, Christian Dior decided to release a perfume directly inspired by its scent. Also, Dioressence has a very particular name since it will be the last to propose a name containing the syllable “Dior”. Indeed, he succeeds Miss Dior, Diorama, Diorissimo, Diorling, Diorella and Dior-Dior. Dioressence is a very sensual and voluptuous fragrance. It is inspired by the charms of the Orient and is a true concentrate of seduction. What’s more, like bath oil, it has a fairly potent and persistent smell. He then became fully in line with the trend of his time. Indeed, after the “baba-cool” years, the 80s are known for their exuberance and their eccentricity. In addition, it fully affirms its extravagant spirit and displays this slogan: “The barbarian perfume of Christian Dior”. This perfume is intriguing to say the least and its scent begs to be discovered.

Dior asserts its character through this scent

Dioressence begins its olfactory course with citrus notes of orange associated with more aromatic shades. Her heart, for its part, combines the femininity of flowers with the audacity of spices. We then find the association of rose, jasmine, geranium, violet, carnation and cinnamon. Then, this exuberance wants to be deeper in its wake. Patchouli rubs against oak moss, vetiver and benzoin, disturbed by an animal note. The rendering is very tenacious and somewhat primitive. If its formula has remained unchanged since its creation, the bottle that we know today is, on the other hand, no longer the original one. It was modified in 1992. The first version was an oblong and slender vial, topped with a pinched glass paste disc. The rendering was, like the perfume, particularly sensual.Dior perfumes . We find the straight lines and the famous hallmarked oval of Monsieur Dior. Finally, its brown juice perfectly evokes the tawny character of the perfume.

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