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Dior Hydra Life Foam Lotion


Dior Hydra Life Foam Lotion
Dior Hydra Life Foam Lotion

Deep cleansing with Dior Hydra Life Foam Lotion

The years go by and we all dread seeing them appear on our faces. Thus, to limit the appearance of premature signs of skin aging, it is essential to take care of our epidermis. To do this, Dior continues to push its research even further. Thus, to cleanse your skin in depth, the brand has just developed the brand new Hydra Life Foam Lotion. Focus on this product with extraordinary purifying efficiency.

Why use Dior cleansing foam?

Day after day, the skin accumulates on its surface impurities present in the air, pollution, make-up residues and dead cells. Thus, to facilitate the regeneration of the latter and maintain its beauty over time, it is essential to help it cleanse itself. This is precisely the mission of the new Hydra Life Foam Lotion. With a simple pressure, it releases a creamy foam enriched with natural active ingredients . These allow to cleanse the epidermis and purify it in depth. Thanks to this product, the skin is cleansed up to 95%. Likewise, 95% of the customers who tested the Hydra Life Foam Lotion said they were seduced by the feeling of comfort provided by this product. Finally, the skin appears more toned, up to 88%.

The active ingredients used in the Hydra Lift Foam Lotion

If the Hydra Life Foam Lotion achieves such a result, it is quite simply because it combines several active ingredients. In addition, this product contains white tea leaves, an ingredient known for its invigorating properties. Likewise, saponins enrich its composition. These are natural cleansing agents, making it possible to remove make-up from the skin and purify it on a daily basis. However, even if the detoxifying effect of the Hydra Life Foam Lotion has been scientifically proven, note that this product remains non-aggressive for the epidermis and that it can be used daily.

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