Dior Capture Youth Lift Sculptor, new treatment


Lift Sculptor Capture Youth Serum
Lift Sculptor Capture Youth Serum

Dior Lift Scuptor Capture Youth Serum to restore shape to your skin

Édouard Mauvais-Jarvis, director of scientific communication at Dior, explains: “ Capture Youth is a major breakthrough in the field of anti-oxidation. It is an exceptional discovery. When glyoxalase, the skin’s antioxidant defense system, weakens over time, the skin struggles to resist attacks such as pollution or stress.

This is when the first signs appear, such as a dull complexion, lack of plumpness, fine lines, redness or pores. The Capture Youth youth protocol is a double revolution. He combines an antioxidant cream and five serums, each of which meets specific needs. The Scuptor Lift Serum is one of them and lifts the face to make it visibly younger.

Lift your face with Dior Scuptor Lift Serum

The Lift Scuptor Capture Youth Serum is a very powerful and very rich remodeling treatment. Therefore, it appears to be the ideal gesture to sculpt the volumes of your face and tighten your skin texture. The Scuptor Lift Serum is used on the epidermis which tend to lack tone. For this, it contains many polyphenols that help fight the lack of tone and elasticity of the skin.

Composed of 90% of ingredients of natural origin, it is very respectful of the epidermis and is suitable even for the most fragile skin. Its texture penetrates instantly and the Lift Scuptor Capture Youth Serum provides immediate cladding. The face seems durably refined and sculpted.

The application protocol of the Lift Scuptor Capture Youth Serum

The Scuptor Lift Serum is used in addition to the Capture Youth antioxidant cream. It can be applied directly in a targeted manner to the skin before being covered by the cream over the entire face. It can also be diluted in a dab of cream in the palm of your hand, before applying this homogeneous mixture to your face.

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