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Diesel – Only The Brave Extreme


Diesel - Only The Brave Extreme
Diesel – Only The Brave Extreme

In 2015, the Diesel brand made people talk about it with in particular the change of its male muse. Thus, since last summer, it is the attractive Liam Hemsworth who is responsible for embodying the man of this great house of creation. Also, we should soon find the actor in a brand new commercial. Indeed, Diesel has just announced the upcoming release of the Only The Brave Extreme fragrance . In the continuity of its elders, it will be a symbol of strength and freedom. Nevertheless, this new version is presented as being even more assertive and daring than the previous ones.

The scent of the new Only The Brave Extreme

Bottle Only The Brave Extreme
Bottle Only The Brave Extreme

The Only The Brave collection of essences has always been an ode to masculinity and courage. However, some revisits opted for more authenticity, like Only The Brave Wild or more impertinence like Only The Brave Tattoo.. This time, Only The Brave Extreme is fully anchored in the continuity of the first version. This new juice is simply more manly and spicy. It was developed by the perfumer Aliénor Massenet. The latter then designed a particularly modern juice, both very fresh and invigorating. Thus, the smell of Only The Brave Extreme perfume starts with the alliance of Primofiore lemon and citrus notes of mandarin. Likewise, coriander brings a somewhat zesty and more peppery aspect. The rose, for its part, is there to bring a touch of delicacy and subtlety. Finally, Only The Brave Extreme displays all its virility through the presence of leathery scents. This gives the whole a particularly addicting animal side. Only The Brave Extreme is the result of exceptional work.

The virile spirit of Diesel’s new juice

Pub Only The Brave Extreme with Liam Hemsworth
Pub Only The Brave Extreme with Liam Hemsworth

Obviously, like its predecessors, the new Only The Brave Extreme is contained in the iconic fist-shaped bottle of Diesel. When Only The Brave was released in 2009, it appeared to be particularly innovative. Indeed, much more than a simple case, it was a true sculpture of modern art. On the occasion of this new release, few changes have been made to this bottle. This one always proudly displays its mark through a sort of metallic gray signet ring worn on two fingers. The latter is matched with the stainless steel spray cap and the rendering is very contemporary. Its only real difference lies rather in the color of its juice. Formerly tinged with a very light blue, today it is much darker. In short, it is like the essence: more intense, deep and therefore more manly. Moreover, it is the handsome Liam Hemsworth who is responsible for embodying this new Diesel masculinity. The actor was notably revealed through the Hunger Games saga. He is now considered a rising Hollywood star and therefore said he was delighted to be able to collaborate with the house Diesel. We have already rediscovered its devastating charm in the next advertisement for the brand new Only The Brave Extreme.


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