Declaration of an Evening, Cartier’s fantasy


Declaration of an Evening, Cartier's fantasy
Declaration of an Evening, Cartier’s fantasy

Declaration of an Evening is a fragrance of love . Moreover, it goes even beyond. He portrays us the image of a fantasized man. You know, the one that we meet and that we like to idealize time with a glance; the one you see while going to work, in the street, in the metro or even on your landing … In other words, Declaration of an Evening is an explosive and intense fragrance.

The ardor of a Declaration of an Evening

Declaration of an Evening is a perfume representing the scene of a meeting between a man and a woman. It releases an intensity similar to that of the long-awaited evening, the one where the loved one seems ready to make his declaration… Also, it is an intense essence that dares madness and that bets everything to provide an unforgettable memory. . Declaration of an Evening is a scent of pulses almost like a magic filter designed to make the heart beat faster. It then gives unexpected strength to the wearer. It is a real olfactory boost and leaves no room for hesitation. No wonder then that it is mainly composed of the most fiery ingredient there is: pepper.

The spicy smell imagined by Cartier

This woody and spicy fragrance expresses all the creative talent of perfumer Mathilde Laurent et Cartier . Black pepper makes its appearance there from the first seconds. Also, he goes through Declaration of an Evening from beginning to end, thus giving rise to explosive emotions. Nevertheless, it is softened by the femininity of the rose. After all, what could be more than glamorous and romantic than to offer this flower in a statement. It is nevertheless particularly fiery since it is accompanied by cumin and nutmeg. Finally, it all ends with a creamier momentum full of sandalwood in particular.

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